WordPress Design And Development tips for beginners- 2022

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I’m going to talk about WordPress design and development tips for beginners today. WordPress is a content management system (CMS). it is a system for managing websites, blogs, online stores, news portals, member areas, and other types of pages. The purpose of CMS is to manage content simply and practically.

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More specifically, its job is to create and edit the content on a website without a programming language. This includes creating text, using images and videos, and creating tables, not to mention the various options for customizing the website layout and many other features.

The WordPress proposal is precisely to democratize the development of websites. It is for companies, projects, and portfolios, etc. from professional blogs to larger pages.

Let’s discuss different ways by which we can make our wordpress design and development more attractive and astonishing

6 tips for WordPress Design And Development tips for beginners

Optimize Images for Speed

Images bring your content to life and help increase engagement. Researchers found that using color visual effects in WordPress design and development increases the likelihood of people reading content by 80%. However, if your images aren’t optimized, they could be more harmful than useful.

If images are not optimized, these can be the most common speed problems we see on beginner websites. Before uploading photos directly from your phone or camera, we recommend that you use photo editing software to optimize web images.

These photos can have large files in their original format. However, the size of the image can be reduced about 5 times depending on the image file format. It is also influenced by the compression ratio selected in the editing software. You can use two image formats: JPEG and PNG.

The PNG image format is uncompressed. When you compress an image, some information will be lost, so the uncompressed image will have higher quality and more detail

Your Host Networking is important

When choosing the best WordPress development company, you may not even want to ask or search which network they are using, but you should. This network can have a huge impact on your website performance and even the sensitivity of your WordPress dashboard.

Many hosting companies exclude this from marketing because they will choose the cheapest network to cut costs. Here are some main questions to ask: Which network are you transferring the data to? Do most go through public ISP networks or private infrastructures like Google or Microsoft?

The networks of these large providers are built and optimized to reduce latency and speed. They even have their internet cables under the sea. What happens if the cable is accidentally cut?

Install the WordPress caching plugin

WordPress pages are “dynamic”. Every time a guest visits a page on your website, they are generated instantly.  To create your page, WordPress has to go through a process of finding the information it needs, putting all the information together, and then showing it to your users.

This process involves many steps and when multiple people log in at the same time, it slows down your website. Therefore, we recommend that every custom design WordPress website use a caching plugin. You can boost up your WordPress site speed up to 2 to 5 times by caching.

Use a lightweight WordPress theme/framework

The WordPress theme contains many dynamic elements, sliders, widgets, social icons, and other shiny elements, which attract a lot of attention. But keep in mind: if they contain too many elements and a large page, they will cause your web server to be compromised.

It is recommended to use lightweight themes for the best performance. You can use default WordPress themes as a source of a solution. Another way is to try something made by a famous company.


People who visit your website are located all over the world. It goes without saying that if the visitor’s location is far from where you host your website, the website loading speed will vary. Many CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) can help keep the website loading speed to a minimum for visitors from different countries.

CDN keeps copies of your website in various data centers in different locations. CDN’s primary function is to provide visitors with web pages from the most likely location.

Use the latest version of PHP

WordPress is written in the server-side PHP programming language. It means that it is installed and running on the host server. All good WordPress web development services use the most stable version of PHP on their servers.

However, your hosting company may be running a slightly older version of PHP. The new PHP 7 is twice as fast as the previous version.

You can check the PHP version your website is using by installing and activating the version information plugin. When activated, you will see your PHP version in the footer area.

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