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Today, we’ll discuss some fascinating statistics concerning social media applications. Ever since we experienced the world of technology, all of us were left amazed by its amazing capabilities. Technology has transformed the way people and multi-national organizations used to carry their businesses ahead. It has already so many tools and techniques that are making our lives easier.

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Social Media Platforms or social networking sites are undoubtedly the best creation of technology. You must have a single or multiple accounts on applications like Instagram, LinkedIn, Connected , Facebook, and others, you must have observed that these applications enjoy millions of users daily that come from all around the globe.

All these applications have become a hub for individuals who want to invest their leisure into something entertaining and useful stuff. Social Media applications have become the new normal for people these days. Not just for individuals, these applications offer a fruitful platform to all the companies from all around the world to come and make their businesses stronger.

Since we’re talking about social media platforms, we can’t overlook their impact on people of all genders, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds. When it comes to social media programs, there are no limits to what one can accomplish with them. All of these apps were created with social media users’ interests and requirements in mind.

What Is the Purpose of Social Media Applications?

As we have already discussed above, there are two categories of parties that use social media,

  • Individuals
  • Companies or Business Owners

Let’s begin our discussion with individuals. When we individuals, we include all those people who visit these social media applications to spend leisure time. All these people are there on these platforms for various reasons including entertainment, education, lifestyle, and others. These people want to spend a few minutes of their lives looking at content that fulfills all their needs.

For that purpose, other users who have their accounts in these applications share such content that is based either on their personal life or imagination. Social Media Networking thus offers an amazing platform to both the viewers and the people who share such content. These platforms have become so famous that people who share good content and get views on them get an opportunity to ear by the way of advertisements.

Moving forward, when it comes to students who are preoccupied with their studies, social media has shown to be one of the most effective teaching platforms for them. On social media platforms, there are a variety of influencers and professors who also have accounts in other apps. Through these accounts, these people take all kinds of doubts from the students and give them all possible answers.

Even for women who are pregnant or have health problems, social media provide access to a large number of health experts and medical professionals who are available to all women at all times of the day. People with any health difficulties, not only women, can seek the advice of these medical professionals for better treatment.

Importance of social media

Now that we have discussed the importance of social media for individuals, it is time that we should discuss why social media platforms are helping companies and small businesses throughout the world. Data reveals that out of every ten social media users, nine of them visit social media platforms to search for a product or service.

This tells us that social media platforms are a hub of potential customers for companies all around the world. If a company knows its target audience, it can effectively carry forward its activities to make sure that it targets the correct target audience. Once done, there is hardly anything that can stop companies from influencing a large section of potential customers in the global consumer market offered by these social media applications.


Social media applications have become ingrained in our daily routines. It is impossible to imagine spending a whole day without using these programs. Whether it’s watching enjoyable material or expressing your sentiments with the world, social media programs allow users to engage in a variety of activities at any time of day.

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