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Salt Lake City is considered to be Utah’s capital, and it is quite dynamic! Its characteristics are more than enough to meet the travel needs of every traveler, whether a youngster or an adult. There are many natural, religious, historical, and adventurous places to try out in Salt Lake City. Thus, irrespective of the traveling interests you have, you can enjoy it with your heart out loud here. Now that you have started booking your plane tickets to Salt Lake City, you must start curating your itinerary as well. There are so many beautiful places which you can visit while being here and each one of them would fill up your heart with utmost satisfaction and unforgettable memories. 

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You can spot some of the best Salt Lake City sites in the downtown area. They include the Mormon Temple as well as the Temple Square. The city center has made sightseeing a lot easier since the attractions there are located near to one another. Let us together discover the best tourist spots prevalent in Salt Lake City below: 

Temple Square

The Temple Square is continually serving as a divine place for the Mormons. It is expansively spread all across 35 acres and is bustling with many beautiful flowerbeds. Also, this square has four unique buildings, namely the Mormon Tabernacle, the Morcon Temple, Assembly Hall, and the Temple Annex. Apart from these mighty buildings, you would also come across plenty of monuments dating back to the bygone era. 

While being at Temple Square, you are surely going to get much peace since this place is filled with utmost serenity. You can also stop by a good number of restaurants present here. If you are a nature buff, you would just fall in love with the flowers as well as trees blooming here during the summertime and spring. 

Natural History Museum of Utah

As the name suggests, history lovers are surely going to fall in love with the Natural History Museum of Utah. Inside the museum, you can witness the 40,000 sq. feet exhibition, with more than 1.6 million objects marking their prevalence. At a particular time, you would witness over 5,000 items, and each one of them has a story to entail. 

Some of these exhibitions include fossils of dinosaurs, a digital globe, and the three-story indoor canyon. There are many permanent collections here associated with Botany, Malacology, Anthropology, Paleontology, Zoology, Mineralogy, etc. If you move on to the observation deck of the museum, you can have a view of the spectacular view of the whole city. 

Mormon Temple

The Mormon Temple is counted amongst the finest landmarks in Salt Lake City. The temple is built in the very intriguing Mormon style, and thus, it has given such a name. This stunning sculpture and divinity center was established between 1853-1893. Also, there are three towers prevalent at the end of this structure. 

Only the Mormons are allowed inside the temple but, the visitors can visit the visitors’ centers to witness the detailed spectacular interior of this place. The architecture of this building is marvelous, and you are surely going to be left stunned while having a look at it. 

Joseph Smith Memorial Building

The Temple Square acts as a sheath to many buildings, and one of them is none other than the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was established in 1911 and got the name of Hotel Utah during its origin days. Later on, it got another name honoring the Mormon Church’s first president. 

There are ten floors in this building, and the whole of it is made out of terra-cotta bricks. These bricks give a shining and glistening look during sunny days. Witnessing the interiors of this building is worth it since they are made out of marble columns, a grand staircase, and art glass. 

Tracy Aviary 

The Tracy Aviary is located on Liberty Park’s southern side. It provides a habitat for many birds that fly from North America and other parts of the globe. A local resident established the Tracy Aviary in 1938. Thus, it is notably considered amongst the oldest aviaries in the world. 

There are 19 indoor and outdoor exhibits in the Tracy Aviary, and they are expanded over a very large area. While being here, you should not forget to pay attention to Andy the Andean Condor. It is one of the most attractive and highlights in this Aviary. This bird is giant with a notable wingspan of 11 feet. While being here, you should also witness the very famous and demanded “Nose to Beak” animal show held every hour. If you want to participate in such sessions, there is a small fee that you need to pay. 

Skiing at the ski resorts 

If you are an adventurous being, then you should try out skiing in the nearby ski resorts. Salt Lake City should be on your bucket list if you are a dire lover of skiing. Some of the most famous and very recognized ski resorts in this city are Park City, Snowbird, Alta, Solitude, and Deer Valley. 

It has an array of mid-range hotels which are quite affordable and many restaurants as well. So, you can try out the skiing activities and then spend your nights at the accommodations here, which are very reasonable and won’t burn your pockets. 

Salt Lake City In a nutshell:

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