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RXNT offers a cloud-based integrated suite of EHR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing solutions that optimize clinical outcomes and revenue management. This Health IT solution provider is recognized on the annual Inc. Magazine’s list of USA’s fastest-growing private companies. It also offers robust features, such as patient engagement, health records management, and e-prescribing. RXNT Pricing tiers are affordable with no hidden fees. Designed for time-starved healthcare practitioners, the solution lets them handle clinical and practice tasks easily and quickly from the Android and iOS apps on mobile devices.

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It allows users can capture charges, schedule practice resources, and confirm patients’ visits from anywhere. This platform comes with robust EHR functionalities to help users improve patient care and streamline clinical management. On top of this, their dedicated US support team delivers a collaborative approach to resolving business challenges for healthcare facilities and specialties of all sizes. Users can easily contact them via phone, email, and online chat.

RXNT was founded in 1999 it offers a complete solution for practice-based healthcare facilities. Each of their services can easily be deployed separately or also could be integrated altogether in a package. RXNT’s EHR and PM software were both developed on the same platform and hence are fully compatible with each other. With the sound level of interoperability RXNT cloud-based software lets users automate their daily workflow and helps them to work fast and efficiently ensuring exceptional healthcare service.

RXNT Key Features

Mobile App

The software’s mobile app helps providers reduce the time they spend on administrative tasks. This integrated mobile app for Android and iOS devices provides 24/7 easy-to-use access to let users increase revenue and streamline daily operations. It also helps providers to improve the quality of care and maintain compliance.

Revenue Management

It offers end-to-end claim tracking that significantly reduces the time taken in accounts receivables. This powerful functionality also supports integration with a practice’s existing workflow. Users can identify and resolve the causes of denied claims to improve cash flow and accelerate reimbursement.

Customizable Reports

Its custom medical billing solution makes analyzing and displaying data simple. The reports are easy to edit, comprehensive, and configurable.

E-Prescribing Solution

This Health IT platform offers a complete e-prescribing solution that is EPCS-certified by the DEA. It provides real-time access to a patient’s medical records. Healthcare experts can also receive up-to-date information about previously prescribed medications.


To improve practice efficiency, it offers integrated real-time eligibility checks, claims status verification, and alerts. Electronic remittance advice (ERA) and patient scheduling features help practices make front and back-office administration easy.

Built-in Claim Scrubbing

Users who have tested RXNT EMR Demo vouch for the fact that the solution helps them identify and resolve the causes of denied claims to improve cash flow. It features built-in claim scrubbing that detects and removes errors in billing codes to reduce the number of rejected claims significantly.

Secure Documentation

This ONC-ACB certified and The HIPAA-compliant platform lets users securely access patient information from their mobile devices, place lab orders, secure electronic referrals, and efficiently exchange health data with patients and other providers.

User Reviews: Overview of RXNT Pricing vs Benefits

Based on user reviews studied from multiple online resources, we have listed the following benefits for this EHR platform:

  • This intuitive platform’s scheduler functionality enables physicians to build stronger relationships with their patients. They can respond to patient queries via messages and let patients schedule appointments view documents, and pay bills through their portal.
  • RXNT’s always-on solution offers a mobile app that syncs automatically to minimize risk and ensure accuracy. Maintenance updates and product upgrades also happen seamlessly via the cloud.
  • It offers affordable solutions and lets users choose an a-la-carte option with predictable pricing or choose the full suite of solutions. RXNT Pricing starts as low as $65 per month, per provider.
  • The platform’s all-in-one pricing package includes training, set-up, upgrades, and ongoing support at no additional cost.
  • It comes with customizable templates to adapt to the workflows of any practice. The vendor keeps upgrading its solutions continuously.
  • Users can run the entire practice from a single solution, thus eliminating data discrepancies and the need to toggle between systems.
  • The process of submitting claims is very easy.
  • Users can contact their Maryland-based customer service team via phone call, chat, or email. Clients can also access online, interactive tools and help guides.

Limitations RXNT

Some of the product limitations include:

  • It does not support functional or integrative medicine.
  • While discussing the product’s performance, some users complain about frequent lags and glitches.
  • Some users also felt that the software sometimes duplicates patient health information, giving them two profiles.
  • It requires multiple scrolling trials and keywords for the search bar to find what a user is looking for.


Users can request a quick online RXNT Demo to get a first-hand look into this integrated software to understand how it can streamline their practice. Their customer advisers will be there to answer any questions and help them evaluate their software needs.

They can view all of their a-la-carte solutions — Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Electronic Prescribing, Medical Billing — to see how well the solution integrates to help take a practice to the next level.

Final Thoughts About RXNT

RXNT is an integrated Health IT solution that offers Electronic Health Records with Patient Engagement and E-prescription support. This cloud-based platform is acclaimed for its ability to let users manage the application from anywhere at any time. It comes with a user-friendly interface for easy use, customization, and management. Customer reviews for the product pointed out that it sometimes duplicates a patient’s information, making two patient profiles that lead to inconvenience and confusion. There are also instances where the application tends to be slow and the server logs. Balancing this out makes us conclude that the software offers comprehensive functionalities along with excellent support staff.

We also suggest that you read up on a few RXNT reviews and speak to the vendor for clarifications before finalizing this solution for your medical facility. You also watch a free demo of RXNT EMR Software at FindEMR after that you will easily pick any EMR Software for your Healthcare Technology Practices!

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