Brainteasers Puzzling tips and benefits of the puzzle hobby

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Puzzling is the best creative, brainteaser, and fun hobby. It is the best way to engage and enjoy playing these inventive puzzles games in your spare time. It helps you a lot, which you can’t imagine. It is one kind of brain challenging game that encourages you to activate your brain and solve big problems. These puzzles are not only games for children. Each class of people can play and choose it as their hobby.


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Benefits of Puzzle Solving

The benefits of puzzle-solving help you every step of your life. It helps you both physically and mentally. Here I discuss with you some notable benefits of puzzling.

Improve your Memory and Thinking Capability

The puzzle game is designed for a person to find a solution to a problem in a logical way. So you always try to find out the exact key or solution. This kind of thinking is one kind of brain exercise that helps you to increase your thinking capability. This thought process sharps your memory and enhances it gradually.

Boost your IQ

Puzzles help you to raise your IQ. You can’t do it overnight, but it’s possible if you spend more time on it. You will be strong because it gives you knowledge about math, vocabulary, logic, reasoning, etc. It also helps you to increase awareness of your mind.

The researcher at the University of Michigan found that it is a significant way to take IQ tests and boost it. They give us a concept that adults can boost their IQ and get 4 points if they spend 25 minutes per day solving puzzle games.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Puzzles tarin us how we solve a problem, which is the most crucial part of our life. These games give us a message about how we identify a problem and which is the best solution for it.

We face a problem, and we think of a different way or alternative solution to fix the problem.

These types of try like a different perspective, plan, and find solutions can be very valuable for us to increase problem-solving skills.

Enrich Your Vocabulary


You can learn vocabulary from different sources, but you can learn first if you practically face it. Puzzles games help you to enrich your vocabulary. You can catch any language fast if you can learn vocabulary. Crossword puzzles help you to achieve your goal. So, you can take advantage of it to solve and build your vocabulary knowledge to get more educated.

Puzzles control our brain similar meditation

You will find a match between puzzling and meditation techniques. If you want your hobby as meditation, you can see my other article about “free meditation guides.”

Puzzles help you to concentrate on your goal, increase your self-confidence, decrease your stress level, potency at work like meditation.

Puzzles are the best way to relax your brain. If you work a lot, you can play puzzles. It gives you fun and relaxation. You can set up your mind and get energy for work.

Inspire and gives you Positive Energy

You need positive energy if you want to succeed in any work. You can use puzzles as your weapon to reduce negative energy because these puzzles teach how you can face any challenges. It helps you to get attention, motivation, brain use, etc.

It encourages you to research any critical thinking and cognitive ability.

So it is a place where you can train, develop concentration, and grow your positive energy.

Types of Puzzles

Many types of puzzles you will get, but you can play in which you feel more pleasant and help you to improve yourself. Suppose you like a word puzzle game you got the option to choose various types of word puzzles. So, you have a chance to expand your pleasure and knowledge.

Here I recommend a few famous puzzle games for you.

Jigsaw puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle is a picture base curvy shape of small pieces and requires the assembly of many small parts to complete a picture. Children enjoy these games very much.

Word puzzles

World puzzles help you to improve your vocabulary and knowledge. The two most popular word puzzles are crosswords and anagrams.

Math puzzles

If you want to improve your mathematical skills, you can try to solve the mathematical puzzle argument or calculations. It sharps your brain and increases your problem-solving skills.

Logic Puzzles

It is also math-based but includes some conditions here. Typically, a Logical puzzle is characterized by a grid and has a unique solution. Sudoku is the most popular logic puzzle. You can also try logic grid puzzles, Masyu, Nonogram, etc.

Combination Puzzles

It is a variety of mechanical puzzles that require some recognizable pattern. Maybe it can be the same colors together or all numbers in order. Rubik’s Cube is a famous combination puzzle or mechanical puzzle.

Mechanical puzzles

It is one kind of self-contained object, and each piece is interlinked with the other. Rubik’s Cube is a suitable illustration or example.

Trivia puzzles

This puzzles for genius. You must need domain knowledge to solve this puzzle game. You have to know or answer the attached question to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle Solving Tips or Competition tips

Sometimes we faced puzzle competitions. When you draw a work procedure in your mind, you can get it fast. Different workflow for different puzzling games. So let’s take the ideas on how you can start. Here I can discuss with you a few popular puzzle game solving procedures.

Jigsaw puzzle-solving tips and procedure

Typically, we faced Jigsaw puzzle game maximum competition.


Choose a puzzle

Choose a work area that fits the puzzle

Before starting, look at the final image which you get on the box

Now, Turn all puzzle pieces picture side up

Sort by color and sort pieces into groups

Assemble the border

Pay close attention to the shape and more sorting right color, wrong pattern.

Work on small sections at a time and spread it out.

Don’t give up. Take a break for a few minutes if you feel tired or bored.

Crossword Puzzle Solving Tips

You have good knowledge, but you don’t know all the answers. It is a common issue. So you need to know and follow techniques that can help you to solve the crossword puzzle faster. Here I give you some tips on how you can follow these procedures.

Always work with a pencil because you have a chance to make mistakes.

Fill in the blanks first.

Keep the Theme in mind.

Now try to find the shortest answers. It can be 3 to 5-word entries.

Follow the Clues obey rules.

Find the trivia questions and lightly mark with the pencil any guessed answer.

Don’t jump to conclusions, Cross-check your answers.

When you tried but failed, don’t hesitate to check different sources to collect the information for learning purposes. It develops your knowledge and skills.

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