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To increase teacher professional development in vulnerable situations, research and experiential best practices are needed. Does the question arise that are teachers the worst learners ever?  The important role of the teacher in the life of the student. Picture your school days and the problem is that you will remember your teachers before anything else. Why is this? Why do teachers still have such an influence on us after so many years of schooling?

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Probably because their presence in our lives has shaped and shaped our thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions. Alternatively, it could be a case of ‘social contagion’.

The teachers that come to our minds can be for many different reasons. Probably because he was very helpful and kind. You can also pay someone to write my paper if you have assigned an online assignment regarding the education sector at cheap rates. Maybe they instilled in you a love for a particular subject, maybe they were incredibly knowledgeable and smart and we’re helping you in your academic endeavors. Maybe they were rude, rude and boring, uninteresting, and forced you to hate a particular subject. Whatever is good or bad? Teachers are like learning and teaching. The importance of the teacher in the life of a student is unforgettable. However, for those who work in the field of learning – why is it that teachers make some of the worst learners ever?

Professional development for teachers.

The world is always changing and so are her children. Information is now available on-demand and there are different ways and means of learning almost everything. Like any other career and profession, teaching needs to keep itself updated and relevant. Ensuring that teachers are keeping up with the tide of information requires high skills and this is done through a wide range of specialized training called “professional development”. Thus, it is considered necessary to conduct various types of specialized training and education to maintain and improve their professionalism. Think of it as teacher training.

The state of professional development of teachers.

Talk to a teacher about professional development and that’s exactly what will come to their mind. This is how most teacher training workshops or potential development (PD) workshops end. While it shouldn’t be, it is.

This is because the motive behind the training or workshop is either unclear to schools and departments or is perceived as a bureaucratic need. These programs and workshops are neither planned nor discussed with the staff for whom it is intended. Schools and administrations schedule their own training and schedule so that they can meet the relevant Board of Education guidelines and regulations without having to eat too much during school hours. Guidelines are decided by administrators who have never taught in the classroom in their lives.

This attitude and approach to professional development for teachers is gradually incorporated as changing governments result in changing rules and thus many years of effort by teachers and staff to adopt and understand a set of rules or systems. They get lost overnight. In this way, he discouraged enthusiastic teachers and provided a weapon of ‘I told you so’ to the majority of critics and skeptics. In India, we witnessed an illustration of this with the CBSE’s decision to abolish CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment). The CCE was an attempt to expand the scope of assessment with the academic era. Format test was used as a tool to bridge the gap between what was taught and what was learned. The purpose of the assessment was to discover the learning style and unique gifts of each learner. For the first time, the co-educational component of comprehensive education was clearly recognized. After six years of hard work, the system was abolished and a paradigm shift was made to the original method of board examinations. So, as the saying goes, “history repeats itself.”

Teaching the ever-changing landscape.

The answer to the first question we asked is not straightforward, but a layer of cake that is as deep as psychology.

“I teach … I don’t learn”

Are teachers the worst learners ever?  Most professional development courses and classes group teachers in one batch and conduct them. Keep the number of experts ‘n’ in a room and there must be sparks and a clash of ego. A room full of experts will never feel the need to teach. Especially if it means teaching them about their profession. This is also the case with the professional development of teachers. Teachers greet hosts and counselors of programs and courses with hostility and indifference. Although there is animosity in the position of cats raised during the formal aggression on the area, there is animosity.

Instead of focusing on the message, one gets obsessed with Messenger.

Before joining any professional development session, teachers fail to remove their educator and ‘expert’ hats. As in this room, they are there as a student, not a facilitator.

Given their profession, they are accustomed to talking, answering questions, and being in charge of the class. Once it becomes a habit, however, teachers forget the most important part of dealing with people and problems. The art of listening.

I ask you teachers who read this post what makes a good student? How do you know if a student is paying attention in class? Checking, he was definitely listening. Now ask yourself during the previous workshop, were you?

You will claim that you are listening or you have tried but the method the counselor or host was using made it unpopular and so they lost you. Probably agreed that if the sessions were more active and involved teacher participation, it would be more efficient if one or two PowerPoint slides were shocked. However, he is speaking to your inner teacher. Remember that you are attending the session as a student and as a student, you should ‘listen’ to what is being taught, not ‘listen’. Instead of focusing on how it is being taught, focus on how it is being taught. The way they are teaching may not be effective but what about the content? We need to stop Messenger’s obsession and instead stop ourselves from ‘listening’ to the message.

How their hands are tied.

A layer of the cake as mentioned earlier. We cannot blame the teachers and staff for all this. Their hands are also tied. Curriculum and administration slaves. It is a miracle that teachers manage to teach students a good understanding of the subjects and the work of the world, as well as to teach them enough to succeed in exams.

While in some countries teachers are still respected, teaching is still considered a very high profession. Not so in some other countries. Especially in India where teaching is now seen by many as a backup profession. Some teachers who apologize for their profession paint a vision of the tunnel. When asked what they do for a living?

This could be due to the ridiculous remuneration of teachers and the increase in bureaucracy in the teaching sector.

Furthermore, when it comes to the decisions of various education boards and administrations, teachers get a real glimpse of how toothless they are in these countries.

The whole layer of reason cake is a matter of feeling inferior in a textbook that has made Mr. Grumpy Professor over the years. Apathetic, apathetic, indifferent to any interest in your subject. Mr. Grampy only cares about filling out the right documents and signing the right sheets. Years of administrative pressure and a cycle of bureaucracy have reduced his ability in the field of expertise. The joy of learning is now a thing of the past for Mr. Grampy – one he fondly remembers in his private life.

Don’t be grumpy in your workplace. How long before it’s too late?


Hope you will now get the idea that are teachers the worst learners ever?  Ultimately, professional development does not result in teachers’ frustration with real disinterest in learning or professional development. The teacher’s frustration comes from a sense of humiliation. Their time is most precious thing, and when they are asked to spend hours on something that does not improve their students’ learning, they get upset. They have accumulated knowledge through education, training and practice which is routinely ignored. They know what will motivate them and serve their students, yet they are not given the time or space to achieve it. What Is SaaS Software? A Guide to Developing Your Business through Cloud Based Applications. This topic was given to you as a teacher assignment but you can’t believe we are now not able to complete work on this because our priority changes from time to time and we are more in in teaching but not in learning or assignments.

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