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An area rug is different from wall-to-wall carpeting. It is a piece of carpet that usually comes in smaller sizes for rooms. Area rugs always add beauty and warmth to rooms. A nice-fitting rug can change the whole atmosphere of any space. It has the power to change your ordinary area into the most attractive one. But to purchase an area rug for your place, you need to begin with the correct steps. These steps will help you throughout the selection process.  

In this guide, you will know the factors you need to consider when choosing an area rug.

For which room you are finding a area rug

First of all, you should know the room for which you want a rug. Different rooms have different spaces and furniture settings, so knowing the room and its area is essential. This will help you know whether you need a small, medium, or big-sized rug.

If you are buying a rug for your living room, its size depends on your seating area. Use a measuring tape to measure the correct size. Typical sizes for living room rugs are 8’x10’, 9’x12’, and 10’x14’. You should check the space between the wall and the carpet. Always place your rug at the center of any place so that the uncarpeted area looks equal on both sides. 

You can either place your rug under your furniture or use it on the other half of the room. If you want to lighten up your seating area, then the rug must be big enough to easily cover the front legs of your furniture. Take the measurements accordingly to get the right rug size.

For a dining room, the size of your table will determine which rug size would be suitable for the room. Depending on your table size, choose a rug that is 2 to 3 inches larger than the table. The standard rug sizes for dining rooms are 5’x8’, 8’x10’, and 9’x12’.

In bedrooms, a piece of area rug not only enhances the beauty of the bed but also gives you a nice and soft feeling when you wake up and put your first step on the ground. On chilly days, area rugs under beds help you avoid getting in contact with the freezing tile floor from the beginning of steps.

The size of the rug for your bedroom depends on the size of your bed. There will be different sizes for the King bed and the Queen bed. An 8×10’ rug is ideal for a Queen bed and 9×12’ for a King bed. It is up to you either to put the nightstands over the carpet or not.

The material of the rug

The material of your rug is the most crucial factor to consider. Always go for a material that can easily handle your daily life. Rugs with high-quality materials are expensive, but they last long. Also, not all materials are suitable for every type of room.

Rugs made up of wool can be used in all your rooms, including dining, living, and bedrooms. Wool is a soft material, and you can’t question the durability of the fibers. On the other hand, cotton rugs are best for play areas and casual spaces. Also, many people prefer cotton rugs for kitchens. But, if you need a rough and tough material for your living and kids’ rooms, go for nylon. The best part of nylon-made rugs is that they are easy to clean and need less maintenance. Nylon rugs are long-lasting, and they are perfect for areas where family, friends, or kids spend most of the time. Also, you can select polyester for your living rooms. And for bedrooms or the places which are less used, you should prefer rugs made with viscose (artificial fabric). These rugs perfectly add a touch of luxury to your bedrooms or other places.

If we talk about price, then wool and silk rugs are the most expensive options than other rug materials. Silk rugs are not only costly but also need special cleaning. On the other hand, nylon and polyester rugs are inexpensive, but it is suggested to prefer nylon over polyester.

Color of the rug

The color of the rug is more important than its pattern. Make sure you are choosing the color by keeping the furniture and other accessories in mind. The color of your room wall helps you find the best-suited rug color. Always select those colors that can enhance the overall ambiance of your rooms. Dark-colored rugs still look great with walls of light colors. Dark maroon or dark blue rug will perfectly support the white walls and furniture of your bedroom or living room. But the color selection also depends on the space available. Light color rugs are made for smaller spaces, and you can use dark color rugs to fill the vacant spaces of your bigger rooms.

Rugs having contrasting colors are ideal for placing in rooms having walls with warm colors. If you want to make your spaces look classy and sophisticated, always buy a rug color to complement both the wall and furniture color.

The pattern of the rug

Rugs with patterns balance the surroundings of your room. A wide variety of rug patterns is available in the market. Neutral color rooms always need some energy, and only rugs having eye-catching colors and patterns can add that energy. For colorful walls and furniture having patterns, rugs with stripes or solid colors will unify the look of your space. 

Ease of Maintenance

Always choose an area rug that is easy to maintain. Use rugs with durable materials for the living and playing areas of your house. They must be easy to clean. For bedrooms and fewer traffic areas, you can go for rugs that need careful cleaning. But overall, rugs that are easy to maintain should be preferred for different areas of your house. Therefore, avoid buying high pile rugs as they catch dirt and are hard to clean. Low pile rugs are always a good choice because of their easy maintenance. They are easy to clean and perfect for living rooms or places with more traffic. Looking for a rug, browse the RugKnots collection of rugs and you will be amazed by the huge variety available.

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