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Considered as the most significant peak in the Great Himalayan district of Uttarakhand and prestigious as Nag Tibba Range, Nag Tibba trek is a magnificent satisfaction for experiencing sweethearts across the world. Organized at the height of 3,050 meters, the spot is stacked up with calm greatness and energizing trekking flows through thick forest and meadows.

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The zenith is named after Serpent God as neighborhood individuals have a conviction that Nag Devta lives in the inclines. All things considered, it’s a sublime site where lovers pay veneration and petition to heavenly nature.

Something explicit that attracts mountain-dears toward Nag Tibba is an abundance of verdure and excellent points of view on snow-shrouded apexes of Gangotri, Kedarnath, Bandarpoonch, Changabang, and the Doon Valley, from the top.

Things to have some familiarity with about Nag Tibba Trek

-Nag Tibba culmination is the most noteworthy top in the lower Himalayan district of Uttarakhand

-The genuine name of the highest point is Jhandi Top

-There is no immediate as often as a possible public vehicle for the Patwari town

-There is no shop at the headquarters and you should organize the food all alone. Or then again you should enlist a cook/guide for the trek

-There are a few townspeople on headquarters who offer a feast for the voyagers and at times they boil down to the town. Along these lines, you should affirm the accessibility first

-There are a few travel merchants who offer the camp facilities at the headquarters. You can simply converse with them if you don’t need additional endeavors

Nag Tibba trek to the headquarters is a characteristic 3 km trek and It might take you around 1,5-2 hours to reach. additionally, loaded with exquisite nature sees

It was my first day at Pantwari town, Uttarakhand after a short-term venture from Gurgaon. I came there in the early morning and the shop was open at around 5 am. Individuals in the town are extremely kind and supportive. That businessperson assisted us with tracking down a spot to remain for several hours. Additionally, organized an aide for the trek.

We began our trek after a power rest and breakfast. However the distance of headquarters from the Pantwari town is around 3 Km in particular. We chose to go lethargic while appreciating nature, and remain at headquarters for the evening.

Nag Tibba Base Camp Experience

Fortunately mists assisted us with pushing ahead quickly. We took around 1.5 hours to arrive at the headquarters.

In the image beneath, I was getting invigorated subsequent to taking a gander at the highest point before me. The snow was sparkling over the green trees and the view was fantastic.

We arrived at headquarters at noon and our aide organized where we could set up our shelter. We met an Amma(old woman) there, who cooked rice and daal for us.


DAY 1: Reaching Panthwari and trekking to the base camping area.

Assessed Time of Completion: 5-6.5 Hrs.

Assessed distance of drive: 90 km

Tip: prepare to gain experiences

The initial step is to arrive at Pantwari (4,500ft). It is a little and delightful spot in the Nag Tibba valley and requires around 5-6 hours of drive from Dehradun. In the wake of arriving at Pantwari, we stroll towards the campground.

The way has various things to pay special attention to including the Nag Devta Temple, shepherds’ hovels and the goat villa which is very popular locally for the assortments of goats and sheep which are fed by the residents.

We rise on the synthetic path while directed by the goat sheets with bolts on them to assist us with exploring. Following an hour of steep criss-cross climbing, we will acquire sufficient elevation to have a reasonable perspective on the Pantwari town.

Strolling a couple of moments further, we arrive at a resting point set apart by a solitary tree.

We stop here for some time to get some rest. Passing on the straightened trail for under a half km, we will observe a man-made water source where we top off your containers satisfactorily.

Likewise, note that from the water source point starts the glades with the rhododendrons. From here, you can find the camping area further up towards your entitlement to close for the afternoon.

DAY 2- Nag Tibba Base Campsite to the End of the Nag Tibba Trek (9500ft)

Assessed season of fruition: 3 Hrs.

Assessed distance of trek: 4 km to arrive at the culmination and 8 km from Core campground 1 to Pantwari.

Tip: No water source, convey somewhere around 2 liters of water from the campground.

We start our climb right on time from the camping areas. We have a long excursion in front of us. The arrangement is to trek up to the top from the Nag Tibba Trek center base campground and in the wake of encountering the radiant culmination, we will again pick a similar course to get to the center camping area and once again to Panthwari.

We start from the rhododendron stuffed knolls towards the pinnacle which can take anyplace between 40 minutes to an hour and a half relying upon the snowfall and season.

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