How to learn swimming freestyle – hobby tips 2022

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Swimming is an exercise which helps you to move your whole body through water. You can try to learn swimming because now it is a competitive sport or exercise. It is a fun or great exercise hobby. It is a relaxing hobby because you feel weightless in the water and when you leave the pool, feel relaxed.

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A lot of reasons or benefits, why you learn swimming or why choose swimming as a hobby.

Swimming Benefits

Swimming improves your heart and lung conditions.
It strengthens all your muscles.
It helps to keep your body fit and makes you smarter.
It improves your physical condition.
Swimming is good for your cardiovascular system.
It helps you to manage or properly balance your weight.
Swimming is the best option for Asthma, Disabilities, Pregnant
It helps to build your confidence and makes you goal-oriented.
It boosts your mood.
Swimming helps to reduce your stress, depression, etc.
It helps you to build social skills.
It helps you to get better sleep.
Swimming helps you to reduce the risk of diseases.
It reduces inflammation, etc.

Swimming equipment:

These are the swimming equipment

  1. Swimming goggles
  2. Swimming cap
  3. Ear Plugs
  4. Nose clip
  5. Kick-board
  6. Fins
  7. Hand paddles
  8. Comfortable swimming dress, etc,

How to learn swimming

Learning swimming techniques will help you to feel comfortable in the water. You can try to learn swimming because it is great fun or exercise. So, the first thing is confidence, and don’t be worried or scared.
It is normal when you start anything new, you feel scared or crazy at that moment. You need to be confident and practice learning swimming.

How to Beginning

When you start learning to swim, take a partner or instructor who is a good performance swimmer. It increases your confidence and removes your bust and mistakes.

Swimming Position and learn to float

Before learning to swim, don’t be afraid of drowning. Take a position in a depth of water that you can handle. Try to get comfortable in the water.
Now time, learn to float. Hold anyone or anything or side of the pool. Try floating on your back or belly. Practice until you are successful. When you learn to float then try without holding anything.

Basic swimming strokes

First, we try to float our back to hold the side of the pool. Now start kicking with a straight leg. Practice kicking will help you to float on water. You can practice it using a kickboard. The kick plays such a vital part if you are trying to improve swimming. It helps you to balance your body, forward drive, a consistent level of propulsion, etc. Start kicking from your knee or hips and your thighs sink under the water. Do it again and again.
Different types of stroke you can learn and use like freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly, etc. You can do it rhythm-wise with a wave and after that take a relaxed and do it again.

Learn to take breathe while swimming

Swimming is a special hobby or sport for learning how to breathe for a long time. If you have a rhythm to your breathing, you can swim or stay in the water for a long time. Learn to inhale through your mouth and when bubbles come out, slowly exhale through your nose and mouth until you’re out of breath. Try to identify and concentrate on the management you have got with a relaxed, full breath into your system. You can wear a nose plug if you feel uncomfortable exhaling to your nose. Swimming goggles can also help you to feel more comfortable.


Learning swimming is not difficult, you need to practice again and again and be confident yourself. Your courage can help you to learn swimming or reach your destination. Forget about you will drown but think positively you can do. You can learn to swim at any age. Swimming is a life-saving skill, so do not late.

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