Top 7 ways to use knives for backpacking hobby- 2022

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Today I discuss with you the top 7 ways to use knives for backpacking hobbies. Spending some time in nature while hiking is one of the best hobbies you can have, as it boosts both the mind and the body. If you are a first-time backpacker, one thing that can bother you is which knife you should carry on your trip. Going out for backpacking without one at all is a little obscure. The solution comes from the tasks you need to perform; not everyone hikes the backcountry the same way. There are myriad options when it comes to selecting the right survival knife.

Different functions of knives for backpacking

The chances of worst-case scenarios like an animal attack happening in the wilderness are rare. Even when they do occur, a knife with a 3-inch blade can usually cope with the situation. The reasons you require a knife when backpacking is pretty banal. You can use knives for the following reasons:

  1. For starting a fire: to be clear, you can ignite fire without a knife if you have proper fuel and equipment. If your logs and sticks are very big in size, it can be impossible to start a fire. However, with the help of a knife, you can start a fire while camping in the wilds.
  2. Construction: a knife can be used to carve branches and be used to cut vines, which can be tied strongly together to form a base for your shelter. It is not an easy task, but a hunting knife can make this job easy for you. You will probably be the smartest person your friends know if you manage to pull off an excellent shelter.
  3. Food preparation: you can use the knife for preparing food while camping. A knife can be a useful tool to make that extremely tough meat easier to shred. Having a great knife for chopping your vegetables and for general food preparation is much more convenient than attempting to cook those vegetables whole.
  4. Cleaning fish: if you are camping and surviving on fish, you need to clean that fish. Cleaning a fish requires a good knife. And if you are starving and you don’t have a knife to clean it, then you can not bite a fish without cleaning it. Therefore, don’t forget to pack a knife while backpacking.
  5. Shelter: usually, people arrive at the campsite with tents, tarps, hammocks, and sleeping bags. They essentially bring their shelter with them. If you have your tent already, then a knife becomes an accessory rather than necessary for constructing a shelter. If you don’t have a tent with you, or you need to create your shelter, and you will require a large knife to create one.
  6. Use as a can opener: during car camping, canned food is a great choice to have. Since it doesn’t need to be refrigerated you can carry it along with you. What if you lose or forget your actual can opener? You can definitely use a knife to open the can and enjoy food in the woods.
  7. Use for whittling: Whittling is the method of shaving off chunks of wood from a stick to form the desired shape. Sharper sticks are carved by some people and can be used to start fires or even build shelters.

There are various other reasons to carry a knife while backpacking, like filleting, spreading condiments like peanut butter, slicing food such as salami and cheese, and gear repair. It is one of the most crucial items in any backpacker’s bag. Moreover, you can choose from various options according to your requirements. So, if you are a pro backpacker or pursuing your hobby of hiking in the woods, don’t forget to carry a suitable knife with you. It is a stable which can save you from dozens of problems while hiking.

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