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Smartphones and technology have a massive impact on our life. However, about 7 billion people are active smartphone users, more than 80% of the world’s population.  It states that in the upcoming year will extend up to 90% due to the revolution of technology. Today, smartphones facilitate us with numerous functionalities and performances that we do in our daily life. With these smart devices, we are to perform actions and tasks within no time and effort. In addition to this, with smartphones, iOS applications are also getting important day by day. We can see that there are numerous smart devices with different operating systems. However, mobile applications get usually based on Android and iOS operating systems. So then, it gave rise to developing mobile applications compatible with all operating systems. In addition to this, iOS development has swift technology emerging with benefits and smart applications.

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Swift technology is an inherent programming language for Apple operating systems. These get generally used in iOS, Mac OS, and watch OS opening new paths to work on. It is an open-source development allowing all to develop something unique. In this case, we will discuss some excellent examples and benefits of iOS mobile applications from an app development agency.

Swift IOS Application Technology

Apple’s swift technology of making mobile applications is trending with its efficient and fast performance. Mainly, swift relies on C and C-Objective programming language to develop top-notch applications. In addition to this, it ensures:

Fast performance

Prevailing applications

Interactive applications for users

Promote more open-source benefits

Accurate in tackling errors

Provides new and modified syntaxes, features and builds trust

Let’s discuss top-notch examples of swift iOS applications!

Top-Notch Examples of Swift IOS Applications

LinkedIn Application

LinkedIn is the world’s famous application known for social networking. Most of the job seekers, professionals, and businesses used this application. Also, in the digital world, all types of business are carried out through this platform. Furthermore, this application comes in both android and iOS versions. IOS uses a swift programming language. The swift version of this application aids businesses in reaching the next level of progress.

Furthermore, LinkedIn iOS applications rank 5th as the best business application. Swift OS highly benefits business owners and job seekers to find their destination. Hence, it is a fantastic development from a progressive app development agency.

Firefox Application

The following ideal example of a Firefox application is an open-source web browser by Mozilla. Generally, it is an application for both iOS and Android users. For the most part in this application, it is flexible and responsive, just like google. In addition, for iOS users, it utilizes swift programming language running on iPhone, iPad, and smart devices. An exciting feature of this mobile software is to stop ads and protect browsing history from tracking. Hence, using this browser will help you to keep your activities private and protected.

Slide share Application

Slide Share is another vast platform where you can find high informative content of types. With the platform, we can find presentations, infographics, and videos of all kinds. For the most part, in its attributes, it is an open-source service. GitHub can take and upload source code publically. Similarly, we can download and upload content in it. Consequently, this application is considered the best service for all. Slide Share’s iOS application in a swift environment comes with advanced features and ensures smooth content transactions.

WordPress Application

Mainly, WordPress is known as an excellent content management system. It is an open-source project where a software development company builds websites and apps. This application in Apple’s operating system comes with advanced features. Such as separate plugins and functionalities for iPhone. Swift’s open-source platform drags up its importance in providing extensive & protected protocols and excellent tuples for data creation and sharing. Therefore, an app Development agency is making iOS applications with WordPress’s swift version.

Wikipedia Application

Besides other informational sites and applications, Wikipedia comes first. Generally, it gets considered as the encyclopedia of knowledge. In particular terms, it is an open-source content platform where people can find valuable information. Notably, it is a website, but now there is a mobile application too. In this case, the apple version of Wikipedia is swift-based. Furthermore, it ensures unlimited written free content around 40 million in strength across 300 languages approximately.

Prevailing Aspects of Swift App Making

Swift programming gets made to produce both desktop and mobile applications and cloud services. Since it is open-source, so is at higher preference. Apple’s this programming language rising with high development qualities, providing easy code syntaxes and maintenance. Here are some prevailing aspects that add to its importance. For instance:

Safe And Secure

We all know that iOS is known for its secure and protected features. So using swift is more safe and secure than other languages as it uses C-objective, so it blocks the whole code to un-functional that no one can use to destroy or harm the data.

Memory Consolidation

To keep all records, C-objective has automatic reference counting that supports Cocoa API and object-oriented code to remove procedural C source code and API. So in this way, it consolidates memory and manages information in the application.


Swift iOS language offers an easy and understandable syntax for writing code. It utilizes advanced and easy features that exhibit progressive application outcomes.


Interaction is the first element that either drags or drops the user’s focus. The feature-rich development enables the client to see the output of their desire. Hence, the case figures out the errors and bugs to fix them on the spot, ensuring flawless interaction.

Final Thoughts

In summary, swift technology in mobile applications is outstanding and feature-rich. Whereas, the recent period is opting open source development technology web and smart devices. For the most part, in iOS development, swift language penetrates as the latest trend in making iPhone apps. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it is a powerful asset of an iOS app development agency. Furthermore, applications made from this are more worthy and perform their best functions. In addition to this, it provides several benefits, as mentioned above.

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