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Insurance Policy in Pakistan

Life insurance is an agreement between an individual and an insurance company, more usually referred to as policyholder and the insurer. An argument for monthly or yearly payments, also identified as the premium, the insurance company assurances to deliver an agreed-upon sum of money to the recipients of the policy upon the policyholder’s death. An individual can buy a life Insurance Policy in Pakistan on someone else’s behalf as well, such as their children.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

According to the healthcare policy of Pakistan, all residents in Pakistan should have access to reasonable and quality healthcare. The country’s healthcare system is included of both public and private healthcare. Pakistan’s healthcare system is however inadequate, inefficient, and too classy for most populaces to afford. The public sector is under-funded and inefficient while the private sector is classy and unregulated. These poor circumstances in the health sector may be credited to several factors like poverty, unequal access to health facilities, the inadequate allocation for health, high populace development, and infant briefness. While traveling to Pakistan, it is hence important to set up medical health insurance for yourself and your family.


Once the policyholder signs the agreement, they are required to pay a certain sum to the insurance company either on a once-a-month, quarterly, or yearly basis. There are numerous ways to pay your premium, counting through credit card, demand draft, crossed check, and money order, to term a few.

Reliant to the insurance plan, the company will cost the death benefit to the family or/and any other selected individuals after the policyholder’s death. One of the main paybacks of a life insurance policy in Pakistan is that it delivers financial support to the cadaver’s loved ones along with the extra amount to cover committal expenditures and additional funeral-related costs.

Though, in the case of term life insurance, which only offers coverage for a certain time, the assured amount is paid to the policyholder once the policy has matured.  Furthermore, depending on the life insurance strategy, most insurance companies in Pakistan also offer accidental death benefits, accidental debility benefits, and accidental hospitalization benefits.

Pakistan Health Insurance

Health Insurance policies products and plans presented by Cometinsure can assist you to modify the Insurance Policy in Pakistan coverage to suit your requirements. To discuss more with our experienced consultants about your time in Pakistan, global health insurance plans that we can offer you, or for a free health insurance quote, please get in touch with us through our website also by phone now or by filling in the simple form here.

Health Insurance for Expats in Pakistan

To know more additional about your benefits, consult the full assessment on our family Pakistan health insurance plans page. Before you can even start to make a plan, it is vital to make a straight examination of your state and demands.

Cometinsure is a one-stop insurance brokerage service provider for you all over Pakistan. Refugee health insurance policies we work with have an extensive collection of choices to meet your supplies, counting benefits such as dental, maternity, inpatient, outpatient, specialist consultations, and many others. Whether you are an employed ex-pat or traveling tourist in Pakistan, ex-pat health insurance can deliver the coverage you need. Contact our professional advisers today to enjoy complete insurance fortification such as an Expat Health Insurance Plan for yourself and your family.

Reliable Insurance Company

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Trustworthy Insurance Agents

When you need homeowners insurance, select Cometinsure to achieve your needs. For many years, we have been offering insurance services in Pakistan and surrounding areas. You can trust us for complete insurance help and services.

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