Are you losing Instagram followers? Social Hobby Tips-2020

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Are you losing Instagram followers? Do you often have the feeling that after posting your photos on Instagram, your followers suddenly drop? If so, this article is for you!

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You have every right to feel irritated by such a situation, considering that it does not happen on Facebook and on your own. So the question arises where does this “heartlessness” on Instagram come from?

In this article, I will try to introduce you to the three main reasons why you are losing your Instagram followers. But before I start, I must point out that, according to the assumptions of Instagram, everyone has the right to follow and unfollow you whenever they want (except for private accounts, where you have to agree to follow your profile). Keeping in mind this rule will save you from the frustration of the leaps and bounds of your actions. Of course, if Instagram is a place for you to have a good time, you shouldn’t be impressed by the falling followers. However, if you approach building your brand on Instagram at a professional level and you plan to use all its benefits in the future, please stay with me until the end of the article.

Top Reasons why you might be losing Instagram followers

The reasons for the dropping number of followers on Instagram may turn out to be mundane, so please go through all of them, although some of them may seem stupid, trivial, or not relevant to you.

1. Failure to meet the contract

I know it sounds weird because you don’t sign any contracts with anyone, but the stranger who started following you did it for three reasons:
– As a result of one of your posts

– Under the influence of your profile description where you define the content you will serve

– The name of the profile defines the response to the user’s needs

These declarations are a kind of agreement between the fan and the creator – if you fail to meet the assumptions you promised at the beginning – fans can turn away from you and click on the “unsubscribe” button

Therefore, remember – run the profile according to the contract.

2. Lack of systematicity

Break, vacation, vacation – everyone needs it and there is nothing wrong with that, but an Instagram account is built systematically. The pace you set yourself is indeed up to you. Therefore, when building your account assumptions, think about them so that they do not interfere with your plans and are fully feasible. REMEMBER that accounts with 1 publication per month are classified as inactive accounts and theoretically will not grow. The exceptions are accounts that actively comment and like profiles of others. Low activity causes an additional problem because the user cannot see your photos, which means that they are not able to become attached to / get used to your person/brand and thus it is easier for them to escape.

3. Ubiquitous Follow Unfollow

The third reason is the actions of other users who are determined to get high results. All the time bots are starting to observe other profiles, hoping that you will start to follow him as compensation. Then the profile gives an unfollow to like the next profile. The whole process is called FUF (Follow-un-follow). Instagram has long been trying to combat this method of operation by blocking external applications that allow this operation. So if you see this type of activity on your profile, know that it is a standard for IG.

Jaby no-look  Instagram is the second-fastest-growing star in the social media arena. (the first is TikTok If you want your profile to be larger and more recognizable from month to month – make sure you keep the contract and be systematic in your activities. At the same time, don’t worry about fluctuating results because that’s natural. I think this post is informative for you and understand now why you losing Instagram followers.

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