Insect collecting hobby tips & techniques and preservation-2022

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Insect Collecting is an interesting and relaxing collection hobby. Insect collecting hobby helps you to learn deeper knowledge about nature and the natural cycle of life. 

If you looking for a fascinating pet or interest in entomology, this hobby is perfect for you. 

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Bug collection is a helpful hobby because a scientist can research and find out how it affects agriculture, human and animal health.

Benefits of the insect collecting hobby

The collection of insects help to identify and research the specialty of pests.

It needs collection to educate the people about bugs.

Collecting insects relaxed your mind and protect your health. Some insects create problems with spread diseases like malaria, etc.

Pest control protects our food supply which is most important to make sure for livelihood.

Insect collecting is one kind of exercise and it reduces your stress.

You have a great chance to gather knowledge about their environment, habit, etc.

Who doesn’t love to see the beauty of nature? Some insect specimens are naturally beautiful to the eye. You can look at a butterfly which has a lot of beautiful colors. Butterfly wings are also called nature’s canvas.

You don’t have to need any license, guns to collect insects.

Insect collecting equipment & devices

I think you are a beginner, so you should be required some collecting equipment for starting the insect collection hobby.


Insect nets (Aerial netting, Sweep netting)

Collecting jars


Collection kit

Beating Sheet

Collecting bag or container, etc.


Vacuum Device

Tullgren Funnel

Light Trap

Pitfall Traps

Malaise Trap

Repellant, etc.

Where I can find insects?

Depending on the insect you can’t find them in different places. Now we take some basic ideas before hunting.

Rotten wood

The undersurface of leaves, dry leaves

Under Loose bark and stones

Kitchen pantries

Look around the street light or night light, etc.

Insect collecting methods or techniques

Collection of insects are easier if you learn about insect nature. So, you can read insect books and learn about how you can handle them, collect them, and some special techniques about insect catching.

Insect Netting:

Insect netting is a valuable and basic piece of gear to collect insects. You should know about the proper time when an insect net is useful for you. Different types of nets you can find. We use the aerial net for flying insects like butterflies, dragonflies, bees, etc. We use a sweep net for catching heavier arthropods like spider, bugs, etc. It is heavier than the aerial net.

Beating Sheet:

The beating sheet is also known as the beating net, beating tray. It is a device that is used for insect collecting. Typically, it is used under a tree or on a wooden or metal frame. It is a great way to survey particular plants for insects.


An aspirator is a useful device that is used for collecting small insects. You can buy this device from an entomological supply company. It has a rubber hose and a tube. To collect insects, one sucks through the rubber hose while pointing the other tube at the insect, which is sucked into the container.

Light Trap

The light trap is a great way to collect insects at night. It has three parts: a light, a funnel, and a container. Light-attracting insects will fly to the light bulb, drop into the funnel, and afterward fall into the bucket.

Pitfall Traps

A pitfall trap is a device that is used to capture pests that are active on the ground. To make a pitfall trap, bury a plastic bowl up to the edge and level the backboard with the ground surface. Fill the bowl with enough water to cover the bottom, then add one drop of liquid soap.   Insects crawling along the ground’s surface will fall into the bowl and be unable to escape. 

I think this video (Insect collecting hobby tips & techniques and preservation) is helpful for you and get a proper guide.


Insect collecting is an interesting hobby if you love nature. You can have fun and enjoy this hobby. So, do not be late, now time to build your collection and invite your friends.

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  1. Hello

    Please stop promoting this hobby. Insect collecting is horrible thing that causes unnecessary death of living creatures. It should only be allowed in scientific reasons. And no, hobby collectors are not helpful. And it is nowhere near to “an interesting hobby if you LOVE nature.” Rather when you hate nature. If people want to collect something, there are always something that doesn´t include killing. 🙂

    Hanna Laasberg


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