Free meditation guides and secrets tips as a hobby-2022

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Is meditation a hobby?

Meditation is one kind of spiritual hobby. It is a process that helps you to think about something and takes you closer to the thought of your soul. This lesson, I share with you some Free meditation guides and secrets for sleep, relaxation, and so on.

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First of all, why do you choose your hobby as meditation?

Maybe, the Main reason it helps you learn to control yourself. 

Benefits of Meditation

If you try to discover the benefits of meditation, you will notice that it is increasing more depending on how much you are closer to your thought. You will be able to improve your self-awareness and your surroundings.

You will get results and good feelings if you practice regularly or follow the free meditation guides.

Now come to the point and see the benefits of regular meditation are.

List of Meditation Benefits

Meditation benefits affect a person not only mentally or physically, but also helps you spiritually.

So we can divide it into three primary parts.

  1. physical benefits of meditation
  2. mental benefits of meditation
  3. spiritual benefits of meditation

We don’t discuss here all benefits of meditation but some essential points.

Physical benefits of Meditation

Meditation benefits of Physical means how meditation can improve your health or body marvelous way.

It helps you to improve the Immune system, which plays a big task in your body. It can help you to fight against dangerous diseases and illnesses. Nowadays, we heard about Coronavirus, which is affecting our body harmfully, so meditation supports you from these kinds of conditions.

It also helps you to overcome insomnia, longevity, pain management, a better cardiovascular system, which can control your breathing, decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and so on, better athletic performance, etc.

Mental Benefits of Meditation

Mental health gives power and supports our physical health. So, If we need to fit physically, we need to strengthen our mental health. Meditation helps and assists you to lower stress and anxiety, worry, loneliness, out from depression, and so on. It gives and develops your positive attitude. It increases your mental strength and memory retention and recall. You will be able to make better decisions and problem-solving. So meditation mentally assists you in self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Who are you? How to improve your life or focus on yourself?

Spiritual meditation helps you to get a better understanding or depth knowledge and build consciousness about yourself and awaken your soul. It improves your feelings or emotions and reminds you of your past. It brings your soul to peace and opens your mind to new hopes and possibilities.

Mindfulness vs. Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness are reflections of each other like a mirror. 

Mindfulness helps to enhance meditation. You can apply it anyplace, and it creates awareness of our present moment with any situation. 

Every day, we do many tasks. When we notice any work sincerely or deeply think about the work, It helps us to improve our present moment awareness like what we did while we are doing. We also gained experience from it. It helps to create awareness of our outer life.

Meditation is a pre-arranged practice. You can’t do it everywhere because you have to need to do concentration, calmness, focus inward, and so on.

It helps to build awareness of our inner life and inner peace.

How to Meditate ( Free Meditation Guides )

Free Meditation Guides
Meditation Guide

Before starting Meditation, you need to practice ‘” Mindfulness” more and more. It prepares you for meditation.

First of all, you need to choose a quiet and comfortable place where you can concentrate or focus.

Then you decide how much time you want to give. Fix your time and try to extend your time because it is the key to reaching your goal. The powerful tool of meditation is your patients and time. Try to do it early in the morning because this time we are tenseless. Our feelings affect meditation, So you notice or check your feelings before starting meditation.

You also think or decide what you want to gain with your meditation.

Meditation Positions

Sit comfortably on your cushion or chair. Now Straight your back, which helps you focus on your breathing.

Keep your hands on your knees If you feel comfortable. Don’t worry about what to do with your hands because it is not necessary.

After that, close your eyes, you can use a cooling eye mask. It doesn’t matter to close your eyes or open them, but if you close them, then you can avoid or be able to block visual disturbances.

Now, if you feel relaxed, you can focus on breathing. Avoid the thing which might stress you. Observe your breath and think only the present moment. Don’t need to explain or analyze it. Try to pay attention to your breath, count inhaling, and exhaling.

Clear your mind and stop all thoughts. When meditate don’t worry if you do anything wrong.

Make It a Habit or Hobby

If you make meditation your hobby or habit, these secret free meditation guides will help you, and you get benefits from here.

Commit yourself to do at least 2min/5min/10min meditation or a fixed time or each day. If you feel good, then try to increase.

Choose your exact free time. Maybe it will be morning or evening or anytime regularly when you feel comfortable. You can take tea before meditation. It gives you pleasure in your mind. You have no chance to miss if you love it, and make it your hobby or make it your daily habit. You can take it as your everyday challenge, then you will get success very soon.

Meditation equipment

Meditation equipment provides you with comfort, relaxation, and so on, Which supports you to focus on meditation. You will notice the different quality of meditation equipment, so you can purchase the equipment which feels more comfortable.

Meditation Cushion

We recommend different types of cushion for you, which supports your body to proper alignment. You can keep your back straight, get stability, and feel comfortable.

  • Zafu
  • Dhyana Meditation Cushion
  • Mountain Cushion
  • Moon Cushion
  •  Inflatable Meditation Cushion
  • Stools

Meditation Mat

Meditation mat reminds and inspires you to prepare for meditating. 

If you are not inspired to spend money, you can use a mat instead of a Cushion.

Other Meditation Equipment

You can use meditation equipment if you need it or feel better about using it. It depends on you. We suggest you here other meditation equipment:

  • Timers
  • Music
  • Different type of Scents
  • Comfortable Dress

Meditation Focus Point

Identifying or understanding the focal point of meditation is necessary to gain success in your meditation. These Free meditation guides and secrets are the pillar of each meditation.

It is an art to find the center of visual attention. The focus point of meditation varies from each meditation, but here I present to you some common and principal focal points for you.

  • The Breath
  • Present Moment
  • Emotions
  • Emotion Triggers
  • The Body Scan
  • Your Inspiration
  • Your Goals
  • A Conversation
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Happiness
  • The Humanity of others
  • Peaceful Music
  • Light a fire
  • Space and Expansion

When you can focus successfully and build a foundation yourself, you will be able to get the benefits of meditation.

Body Scan Meditation for sleep

A body scan meditation can help you to better sleep or improve from insomnia in people who face trouble sleeping.

You have to pay attention to all parts of the body, from head to foot. Scanning the body sensations are like pains, tension, pressure, heat, coolness, heaviness, etc.

How to do body scan Meditation

First, If you want to do it lying down, you can do it before falling asleep, or you can do it anywhere you feel comfortable sitting down.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and pay attention to your body.

You can begin any part of your body like the top of your head or left foot or left hand as you like.

Take a few breaths and time to observe each part’s sensations.

Slowly release when finishing each part’s observation, and take a few breaths then redirect your focus to the next area.

When you finish scanning, let your consciousness across your body. 

Don’t worry about perfection.

Compassion Meditation

Compassion Meditation also is known as Karuna Meditation in Buddhist circles. This Meditation compassion helps you to realize the repeated inner intention like how you value your own life, whom you truly love, Draw their picture in your mind and feel your thoughts for them, real sympathy for those who are suffering, etc.

It is one kind of technique or method where we dissolve self-centeredness and improve compassion to share their pain and wish them well.

How to practice compassion Meditation

First of all, you can start a regular meditation. Focus on breathing and relax your all part of the body.

When you feel comfortable, you can start compassion meditation.

Start feeling about your nearest or lovely person’s presence. Discover yourself, focus less on yourself, and more on others’ feelings. Draw their sorrow, happiness, and your goodwill, sympathy for them.

Best Meditation App

The meditation app helps a lot if you are a beginner. You can get guided meditation instruction, different exercises like breathing exercises, relaxation music or tips, and so on. You can use it for experience purposes.

Here I recommend a few apps you can try.

“Headspace” app helps you to prepare your mind and body. You can use it as an essential guide.

Visit for download-

You can also use these apps as your choice:

Calm- Available for download on Android and iOS

Aura- Available for download on Android and iOS

Insight Timer- Available for download on Android and iOS

Sattva- Available for download on Android and iOS

Meditation apps are great, but if you feel it’s complicated for you, you can skip using them. Don’t depend on apps, but pay attention to your learning or experience.

Meditation Challenges for Beginners

It is a common issue when we start anything new, we face some problems, and we overcome the difficulty in doing this thing again and again. If you are a beginner, It is a challenging time for you. Maybe it happens because of your lacking planning, not putting in enough effort, worry, doubt, proper motivation, restlessness, impatience, irritation, time management, and so on. It is not magic, so keep running your practice and patient. It’s simple to make a mistake or wrong, but don’t worry, follow the free meditation guides. It takes some time and effort for learning meditation, so keep the focus and have hope and relaxation.

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