How To Write Your First Blog Post: Blogging hobby-2022

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Are you writing your first blog post? Don’t be worried, I will give some important tips that will help you with some practical steps to take and get relieved of your doubts and guide you to wondrous outcomes.

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Choose your First Blog Post Topic

What to write your first blog post or how to start?  When you start to write blogging, it’s difficult for you as a beginner. 

Blogging is a great hobby. You can learn many things from this hobby. First of all, you need to gather advanced knowledge and many ideas to make your post easier. People love your blog when they get unique ideas from your blog. Not only your first post but also your next post needs lots of information and it will help you to get amazing results.

So, First Identify your audience and set goals for what you write in your blog post. A good blog post is enjoyable to read and implements informative content to the audience.

Create Outline and Organize your content

 Your first blog post writing trick is to organize the info. Readers love the organization post because they are enabled to get what they are expected from you and it helps them to engage your post. Most of the time visitors come to your website and bounce to another site because of lacking organized posts. So it is a must to decorate like the important sections are distributed into subsections that go into more detail, it’s giving the content easier to read. You can follow a few pre-organized blog post templates to get a better experience. Try your blog post-point-wise, it helps the audience to better understand.

Pick an attractive Title or Headline

An attractive title will help you to get visitors because we judge or choose a book by its cover and a blog post by its attractive title. We read or shared an attractive headline very first. So, it is necessary to choose an attractive title.

How do you improve your headline?

 Ask a question to your visitor and enhance their curiosity.

Try to use an emotional word in your title.

Try to use a numeric word or year.

Try to keep it simple and tell your audience what to do shortly.

Always try to make your title unique and make a promise to your audience that your post will be valuable and interesting to your headlines.

Make Shorter Paragraphs with subheadings to your blog

When we visit a website to search or gather any information, most of the time we read through the content before we decide to read it. Article with subheadings is easier to read because they feel read it comfortably and easier way to remember. Short paragraphs help user’s eyes to catch anything easily. So, people get information in a short time.

If you want know more about blogging or WordPress ideas, you can visit: Mac-Dev

Add image and bullet point

An image can help you to increase your engagement more than words because the human brain likes to process visualize. So, try to add more images, it helps to reduce the bounce rate. A lot of websites permit you to use their high-quality royalty-free images. But honestly, it’s better if you use your photos.

Why people come to your site? Keep in mind, they have not a lot of time and they want specific information. They decide to read your blog post when they will get valuable info in a short time.

Bullet points help you to highlight your best information. Bullet lists are the perfect way to reduce bounce rate, easy understanding.

Optimize your blog post for SEO

 If you are a blogger, you can’t ignore SEO. You write your first blog post and you desire to see it on google’s first page. People read or engage your post if you can do it. So you have to need to learn SEO.

I will share some important SEO tips that you can follow and get a better result on your blog post.

  • First, choose a topic and check out the competition.
  • Take time and do some research on your keyword (You can use keyword revealer, ahrefs, SEMrush, etc)
  • Then you start writing your blog post. Try to give unique information and inspiration posts to your audience.
  • Use your keyword on your title and paragraph 4-5 times. Don’t use your keyword many times. Avoid keyword use more than five times. It will help google to understand your keyword which you’re focusing on.
  • Try to write at least 1000 words and make sure readability.
  • Try to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. You can use Grammarly, ginger, etc to check where you do mistakes.


Take your time when you write your first blog post. Be confident, it will show you how you can succeed. Make a schedule and publish more. Promote your post to your friends, social media.

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