Custom Apparel Design Hobby Latest Tips and Ideas- 2022

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People debate about Custom Apparel design, technologies, and the latest trends. Some prefer a specific garment technology over others to make their apparel stand out, and some choose an affordable garment technology to remain conspicuous without spending much. Moreover, it is not simple to decide which apparel technology to choose with different options in front of us. There is no clear-cut answer; however, there are two types of apparel customization services that most apparel business owners offer to people in the U.S.A. (United States of America), including screen printing and logo embroidery. Nevertheless, more than these two garment decoration technologies exist, with these two being the most popular among the rest. Suppose you are a business owner or a fashion enthusiast. In that case, you can capitalize on custom apparel design technologies to have clothing items in front of you with your preferred designs and exploit them for promotion or express your personality in style. It is bewildering to decide the best apparel customization technique; however, if you know some details about the apparel customization techniques, you can conveniently decide which option you need to choose. Let us discuss all of those technologies one by one:

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Custom Apparel Design Technologies

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing

It is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment, then soaking it into the garment’s fibers. You can understand this printing method, like printing on paper. There is no setup time for printing one-offs utilizing this printing technique. DTG print providers won’t take much time for low-volume orders; however, it is an expensive printing method if you place a large order.

CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

There are no setup costs for this printing technique, and it is a great choice for small and one-off orders. It is a versatile printing technique and can be applied to almost any material or product. It is also an ideal printing technique for dark-colored garments, giving it the edge over DTG and screen printing. It also works on garments, which have been previously printed.

Screen Printing

Perhaps, the most popular, common, and affordable printing option is screen printing. It becomes very inexpensive when you place large orders for screen printing, and it is a very versatile technique. However, you would need to wait for some time to get the best results out of your screen printing apparel, decorated by the apparel customization service. You have many inks to choose from, varying opacity using this service. Still, embroidery is another garment customization companion that is very common.


Embroidery is the most common and popular option for decorating corporate apparel or uniforms. Nonetheless, this apparel decoration method is not suitable for all garment types and styles of artwork. If you need to place a bulk order for embroidering your apparel, you should be ready to pay a large sum of money. Keeping up with the machine developments can aid you in making the most out of your embroidered apparel.

Transfer Printing

This printing method is mostly used on sportswear. You can make the most of the print effect (from color to texture) on most fabric types using this printing method. You can even transfer print a highly visible or a light reflective artwork to cycling shorts, creating a strong and effective bond. Even the neon and fluorescent colors are achievable on fabric using this printing technique. It is a great printing method for one-off t-shirts for events and gifts because it requires little setup work.

These are the five apparel decoration technologies you can deploy and have your apparel customized for branding or fashion.

2 Core Benefits of Customized Apparel

  • The main benefit of customized apparel is that you can have your favorite design printed, making you a standout person in public. When people see you, they may notice your custom apparel, and that is what most people wanted out of their custom clothing items.
  • As a business owner, custom apparel helps you promote your positive brand image to a massive audience. Employees and customers recognize your good name wearing your logo-branded apparel, whereas such apparel helps you send a message to your competitors about your business presence far and wide.


When choosing an apparel customization service, you need to know your priorities as there are different custom apparel design technologies in use today, with screen printing and embroidery the most common. Here are five different apparel decoration technologies that you can take advantage of:

  1. DTG printing is great for placing low-volume orders.
  2. CAD Cut vinyl printing has no setup costs.
  3. Screen printing is an inexpensive yet popular technique for placing large orders.
  4. Embroidery, being the most common technique, is not suitable for all garment types but an obvious choice for good reasons.
  5. Transfer printing is an ideal printing method for sportswear.

In a nutshell, customized apparel is beneficial for both individuals and business owners, provided that they are customized rightly.

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