Learn calligraphy hobby benefits and tips -2022

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Calligraphy is a creative hobby or skill. It is the art of beautiful handwriting. Calligraphy hobby is not a costly hobby but it is a rewarding hobby if you can learn it. It rewards you for a lifetime.

Calligraphy is one kind of craft of writing beautifully or turning letters into beauty and expressions using writing tools such as pens and brushes.

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Benefits of learning calligraphy hobby

Before we pick a hobby, we need to understand its advantages first. If you chose calligraphy as a hobby, you will gain many rewards and experience a relaxing effect in your life. So, let’s discuss some important benefits of calligraphy.

It helps to improve your motor skills

To do calligraphy, you must first learn how to use a pen to create each letter’s stroke. The motor regions of the brain are activated as a result of this. Handwriting skills are developed mostly by the small muscles of the hands and fingers. It trains your hand, eye, brain, etc.

So, Calligraphy plays a vital role to improve your motor skills.

It gives your mind relaxation

Calligraphy is one kind of therapy to relax your mind. When you do calligraphy only one stroke at a time, your breathing will slow and your body will relax. It allows your mind to wander away from your problems, making it an ideal meditation and stress-relieving activity.

Calligraphy help you to build your creativity

Learning calligraphy hobby helps you to build your creativity. You should always do something new with the lettering, whether it’s a different color, viewpoint, angle, scale, or adding new or different features. So, you always try to do unique or to do something new which can help you to build your creative skills.

It helps you to build up and gives you fun

Calligraphy hobby helps you to build your life and personality. It encourages logical thinking and gives you problem-solving skills. It helps to grow your confidence level. Each stroke in calligraphy takes time, and it helps you develop patience. It brightens your life by allowing you to work joyfully. when you finish your project and present it to your friends, and you feel good about yourself for making something beautiful. As a result, it contributes to your satisfaction.

It helps you to build community

Calligraphy is a skill that will help you impress people and strengthen your relationships. You may also join a club or a social media forum of people who share your passion for calligraphy. You’ll then be able to benefit from one another and get stronger input.

What you need to learn calligraphy

Caligraphy is a cheap hobby. You need a few supplies or tools to start the calligraphy hobby. The list of supplies are here:

  1. Straight pen or calligraphy pen or brush
  2. Nibs
  3. Ink 
  4. Paper
  5. Calligraphy learning books

How to learn Calligraphy

To begin, you must first research the letters and choose the appropriate tool for your calligraphy hobby. Now time to learn, so pick up a calligraphy pen or brush and learn to calligraphy or letter with it. You will need more and more practice for every stroke. It’ll take a lot of practice to master calligraphy. There is no getting around that. Don’t skip or forget to brush up on your calligraphy basics. You should join more groups or talk to more people to get suggestions, but don’t compare yourself to others because that would hurt your learning.

You do not believe you have bad handwriting or that you cannot develop your calligraphy skills, but if you obey the instructions or lessons and practice regularly with rhythm, speed, and confidence, you can succeed. It strengthens the brain and provides positive reinforcement.


Calligraphy hobby is not an expensive hobby. It helps you to save and earn money. You can practice calligraphy at home or any quiet place. It helps your quality of life. It is a fun hobby and you can start calligraphy at any age. So, let’s start if you love this hobby.

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