Best Rockspace Wifi Extender Device Setup Tips- 2022

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The Rockspace wifi extender is a wireless dual-band signal booster amplifier that extends the network. It absolutely expands the wi-fi network coverage in long-range as well as short-range. This wifi range extender is an answer to the weak signal of all wifi routers. It eliminates the buffering and interrupted signal of the wifi router and creates a stronger and powerful wifi signal. The Rockspace Wifi Extender Device enlarges the network coverage of up to 1292 sq. feet. It offers a combined network speed of up to 750 Mbps. This extender is easily handling 20+ networking devices with an Ethernet connection or wireless connection.

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The Rockspace wifi range extender is equipped with two external adjustable antennas that improve the router’s wifi coverage and then deliver smooth coverage in the entire home. This wifi extender is universally compatible with all cable modems, gateway, wifi routers, and other networking devices.

The setup of the rockspace wifi range extender is hassle-free with the default ip address. You can easily get the default IP in the rockspace wifi extender manual. This manual is very small in size and all the information is there in this manual like specifications, techniques, and more.

Points for creating perfect range of routers with Rockspace wifi extender device

The rock space wifi extender delivers a reliable wifi network to all the devices. With this speed, you can download long files and then transfer these files with your visitor and friends. If you want to solve the router wifi range then you use a rock space extender. There are some points to create a perfect range of routers with rock space extenders.

Installtion process

If you want to create the perfect range of your wifi router with the rock space extender then firstly install the wifi extender. To install the wifi extender you take the packaging box of this extender. You can use scissors and then unbox the extender. After that, confirm all the accessories, if any accessories are missing then you buy them. Now, find out the WPS button of the Rock space and then press this button. After some minutes, you can also press the button of your wifi router. Then verify the LED’s color light, if the LED is blinking green that means the connection is correct.

Decide the position of the Rockspace extender device

To create the perfect range of wifi routers with the Rockspace extender you can decide the position of your wifi range extender. If you don’t decide the optimum position then it does not expand the range. The best and optimum position of your Rockspace wifi range extender is around in the wifi router. If your wifi router is placed in the bedroom of your home then you can also place the extender in the bedroom of your home. Not more distance is there between the extender and wifi router. To create the perfect range you can place the extender near the router.

Setup the wifi range extender

To get a steady network connection with the rockspace wifi extender then you can set up the wireless dual-band range extender. If you don’t set up the extender then it cannot perfect the range of your wifi router. You use an internet browser and input the default IP address. After that login Windsor is pop-up. You can use the admin username and password and then log in to the account. Then, click the setup wizard option and do set up the rockspace wifi extender device. 

Upgrade the firmware of the Rockspace wifi extender device

The firmware version is most important, if you can not upgrade this firmware timely then the extender is not working well. You use the default official website of your rockspace extender. Then, visit the firmware page and then check the firmware. If the firmware version is old then you instantly rockspace wifi extender firmware update with the latest firmware file. Afterward, you get many new features and technology.


The rockspace wifi range extender is a reliable and flexible networking device for wifi routers. It concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band and then delivers the ultimate wireless network. By using dual-band networking technology, it delivers higher speed and ultimate coverage. The Rockspace wifi extender absolutely boosts the wi-fi network and then abolishes the router’s weak signals. Thus, the rockspace wifi extender is an amazing wifi networking device.

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