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Growing Garden Hobby: Organic pest control techniques

Best Organic pest control means pesticides or insecticides made naturally, not artificial compounds. Typically it is produced of self-made mixtures and includes natural elements that vary from organic soaps, vinegar to pyrethrum salt, and lime sulfur.

It is not a significant factor that you are a good gardener if you don’t know how to control the pest. Any time insects can attack your plants. A little disease can suddenly turn into a big lost harvest. Also, You can learn by various smart mobile phone apps like education apps for adults to gain all rules. I hope you can get a very good idea or system by using the best apps.

Organic gardeners know how they tolerate and recover it.

When you notice that your garden is everywhere with pests, you need to identify the attacker first. So, take a photo of the insects first. Then, analysis on the internet or share it with a local garden expert. If you identify the problem or pest, you have a chance to get the solution fast.

Oil Sprays

Best Organic pest control- Oil Sprays
Oil Sprays

We can use oils as a natural replacement for pesticides. We can use different oil Sprays for the best organic Pest Control.

Onion and garlic oil spray for pest or bug control

You can use onion and garlic spray because pests don’t like its strong flavor. First, blend and liquefy some fresh onion and garlic. Then, mix water and sulfur with the garlic and onion juice.

Plant garlic and onion near the garden, it will help you naturally to keep pests out of your garden.

Pepper Spray

Chile pepper spray is a great homemade natural way for insect control. First, you make powders of hot chile pepper. Then, mix two tablespoons powder, a few drops of detergent, and one quart of water and let it sit overnight. It works well because of the mix of capsaicin. When you spray must wear gloves and keep away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Tomato leaf Spray

Tomato plants very useful and nightshade of a family. It contains poisonous mixtures called alkaloids. When we chipped leaves of tomato, they release their alkaloids. It’s an effective way because the alkaloids in tomato leaves are fatal to many pests.

Neem oil for the best organic pest control in the garden

Neem oil is a great organic solution for insect control. It is also risk-free, not harm you or your family, pet. It only works with some specific pests that damage garden plants. You find this nursery or natural food market. Apply 2 tablespoons of neem oil and mixed it per gallon of water.

Soap Spray for organic pest control

Soap Sprays
Soap Sprays

The soap spray is also useful for controlling bugs, aphids, and other hungry little insects. It is also environmentally friendly and similar to oil spray. Only, mixed one tablespoon of dishwashing soap to a gallon of water.


When you apply homemade organic sprays, first, you should need to test some small portions or areas of plants. You have to need mixed correct amount insecticide with water because over will harm plants and have to chance burn plants.  

Spinosad will help to protect your garden

Spinosad is a natural thing that pesticides obtained from a soil fungus. It will help to protect your garden from ants, mosquitoes, spiders, bugs, etc. It is a soil-based bacteria and very low toxicity to animals. When spinosad dries, it will start to work and kill insects. You can use it in the evening time when they are inactive.

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Rotenone is an organic insecticide that derived from the seeds. It also helps to pest control.

Electric fence or net for insect control

Electric fence or net for insect control
Electric fence or net for insect control

If possible, you can install an electric fence or net to protect from pests. It also keeps your garden from pets.

Set Traps for pest control

Yellow Insect Traps
Yellow Insect Traps

Crawling and flying insect pests are drawn in by the bright color, So You can use yellow sticky cards to set traps for pest control. Yellow Insect Traps serve as a visible attractant for a wide range.

Keep Neat and Clean

Always try to keep neat and clean. Clean and cut dead leaves, fallen fruit. If you notice, you will see pests are like to stay where dead leaves, debris, etc. So remove and throw this waste into the dustbin. It will help you to reduce insects.

Final Thought

The best Organic pest control helps us to protect our garden. Killing all insects, it’s not our aim because over will create pest infestations, and any healthy ecosystem needs an abundance of beneficial insects.

If you follow these organic ways, I think you will be able to control pests.


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