Best Makeup Mirror Ideas- Hobby tips for Women 2022

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Have you been searching for your perfect and best makeup mirror, but can’t seem to find it? The search is over. In this article, we will show you the features that are most important in a makeup mirror and how they differ from one another. From there, you’ll be able to choose the best one for you!

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Best Makeup Mirror Size

makeup mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs.

Smaller makeup mirrors are great for travel, while bigger ones work well on a desk or vanity. The size of your mirror should reflect the amount of space you have and how often you use it!

A larger shape may be more attractive to display as artwork in your room than a small one that’s only used occasionally.

Square-shaped mirrors provide an even reflection so they’re perfect for applying all-around face products such as concealer and foundation along with eye shadow, eyeliner, brows, etc.

They also offer good lighting by reflecting light from both directions like two square headlights making it easier to apply makeup in low light areas because there is no glare coming off of the surface against which one must view their appearance.

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 If you want lighted makeup mirrors wall mount or something for your room, you need to take into account the amount of space you have and how often you use it!

A mount should accommodate different positions (wall-mounted or tabletop) depending on where most frequently you stand when getting ready – makeup yourself in the bathroom, or sit down in your bedroom.

Wall-mounted mirrors should be placed at eye level and flush with the wall to avoid any shadows that could distort the reflection from a hanging mirror.

If you have limited space on either side of your mirror – for instance, if there is an outlet nearby – choose a tabletop option that can offer better lighting because it’s closer to head height.

You may also want to consider these options if you use them while applying makeup every day as they allow more freedom of movement than those mounted directly onto walls!

What I look for when buying the best makeup mirror:  I am looking for lighted makeup mirrors so that I don’t need additional lights on my face and make me feel like I’m in a horror movie.

I want something that has the ability to move 360 degrees so I can see my face from every angle easily.


Different types of lighting will affect the way makeup looks on your face, so choose something that offers a good mix of both natural and artificial light.

If you use the mirror in low-light conditions – for example, at night or when it’s raining outside – choose one with LED lights because they are much brighter than traditional bulbs.

What I like about my makeup mirror:  There is an outlet nearby so I can plug in any other items to have them close by without feeling claustrophobic (i.e., hairdryer)

Bulb size matters! Make sure the wattage on your bulb matches what you’re looking for; if you want something more powerful, go for 20 watts while those who prefer softer lighting should stick around 60-100 watts.


Most makeup mirrors range from $30-$200 but they also have higher price ranges depending on what features you’re looking for.

Floor standing makeup mirrors are durable and very large to see yourself whereas travel/handheld mirrors may be easier to carry with them when traveling.

If space is an issue at home I recommend getting two mirrors for the price of one to save space.

Make sure you’re getting a quality product by checking reviews and blog posts! If people are saying things about it not being durable or falling apart easily, what’s the point?

You’ll be spending all your money just fixing something that should have lasted longer than a week.

Floor standing makeup mirrors will stand on their own so there is no need for an extra place to put it as opposed to handheld ones which are more difficult with their smaller size. Keep in mind if they require batteries or an outlet nearby; some products come with cords while others don’t which can make them easier to use anywhere without worrying about bringing anything else along.


When purchasing anything like this it’s important to think about longevity and durability; if you plan on traveling with yours or using it every day then make sure you get one that is made out of quality materials that will last for a long time.

Price is also something to think about when buying anything like this; you want the quality without paying too much so make sure that it’s not just cheaply made and breaks down after only one or two uses.

Longevity, durability, and price should all be things to consider before purchasing your next makeup mirror because they’re important investments with how often we use them.

Makeup applicator

Not all makeup mirrors come equipped with an applicator, but there are many options that do.

These applicators are a great way to apply your makeup without having the mess on your hands or getting it all over everything else in the room.

This is another area where you’ll want to look for quality and durability as well, make sure that if there’s something like this included with your purchase then it will be able to stand up to many different uses before needing replacement.

Makeup applications can seem daunting at first but these tips should help get you started!

Additional Features

These might include USB, LED with the mirror, magnification, and a swivel design.

USB is great for using your phone to take selfies or videos of yourself with the mirror on a regular basis.

LED lights are surprisingly helpful as they cast more than enough light onto your face while you’re doing makeup application in dimmer lighting areas like bathrooms that don’t have full-on overhead lighting.

Magnification is another feature worth considering if you want to make sure every detail of your skin gets noticed when applying foundation or concealer!

The swivel design allows you to move around so there are no blind spots throughout the room where it could be set up.


Picking the best makeup mirror is a very important decision. There are many options for you to choose from and it can be hard to decide which one will best suit your needs.

It’s worth investing in quality because the better mirrors have an anti-glare coating so you can see yourself clearly even when there’s harsh lighting or outside light coming through windows behind you.

They also don’t fog up as easily, if at all! Hope our article will help you to choose the best makeup mirror for you.

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