The Best Hobbies to pick up while Traveling- 2022

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Traveling is one of our best hobbies and favorite pastimes. As humans, we are inquisitive by nature and love to learn new things. Other than what we do to make a living, we are interested in a whole lot of things that we pursue as hobbies. In a way, hobbies are a form of self-care. You do what you enjoy doing the most, no matter how good you are at it. There are a whole bunch of hobbies that you couldn’t keep up with while on the go, and then there is another set that makes for great travel hobbies. Willing to pick up a new hobby while traveling? The below list of travel hobbies might include the one that appeals to you. Read on!

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Best Hobbies to pick up while Traveling


Photography and traveling are a great combo. Travelers, in general, click pictures of all those interesting landscapes and events that they experience during their travels. So, why not work on this travel hobby and hone your photography skills? Learning the techniques behind the art of clicking great pictures allows you to focus on fine details and fully appreciate the real beauty of a place. Moreover, these photos you share with the world might not only inspire fellow travelers to book flights and explore new places, but also to take up this travel hobby and enrich their travel experiences.


Every traveler has a different approach to documenting their travel experiences. While some capture moments with photography, others prefer to write down the highlights of their trip in a journal. If you don’t have the habit of journaling, adopt it immediately and start journaling your travels. When you turn back the pages of your journal years later, it feels like you’d gone back in time to experience it all once again. And if creative writing is your thing, then there’s no dearth of inspiration for the settings and characters in your story. Travel blogging is quite a trend these days. So, that is another interesting travel hobby you could pick up.

Sketching/ Drawing/ Painting:

For someone who has a way with pencils and brushes, this is the perfect travel hobby. Like in the case of photography, it encourages you to meticulously observe the surroundings in order to reproduce them on paper or canvas. Although more time-consuming than the former travel hobby, it is all worth it as you would slow down to interpret your surroundings in the process of replicating the view in your style. This way, you would enjoy your destination more than other hurried travelers who are all about ticking must-see places off their list.


Calisthenics is the answer to keeping up with your workout routine when gym equipment is not available, like when you are on the go. As they do not need much equipment like gym workouts, these bodyweight exercises can be easily practiced pretty much anywhere, say in a playground or in nature. Find some clear ground and do push-ups, sit-ups, v-ups, and squats, and stretches. Take the support of a tree for pull-ups, chin-ups, and human flags. Practice calisthenics as your travel hobby and stay fit and stay healthy while traveling.


Most people have this habit of collecting unique objects like coins and stamps, and obviously, this is one of the most popular travel hobbies. You could pick up this habit and start collecting a variety of interesting items unique to the places you travel to. They could be anything, from keychains, postcards, stamps, seashells, and pebbles to rare books, manuscripts, antique pieces, traditional clothes, or wine bottles (from wine-tasting tours). The collection only grows larger and more impressive with each trip you take. Your travel collection is a thing to boast of, isn’t it?

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