5 Ways To Get the Most From Athenahealth Software-Healthy Choice 2022

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Athenahealth Software: You must be wondering, how can I get the most out of my Athena medical software? The answer is quite simple, and the best part is, we’ve figured out five ways you can utilize the athenahealth EMR to the highest capacity. 

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What is an EMR?

If you are running a medical clinic, you must be all too familiar with the constant struggle of keeping up with patient records – after all, so many patients visit your clinic every single day, and if you’ve been around for a while, your records can grow well into the thousands.

This problem is especially exacerbated when clinics use paper records to keep track of their patients. Fortunately electronic medical records, or EMRs, allow patient records to be digitized and stored in an organized capacity so you don’t have to sift through piles of paper.

About Athenahealth Software

Athena electronic medical records (or EMR) is software that has been created for clinics in order to provide a comprehensive suite to optimize and strengthen a clinic in all of its capacity. Available as both a local and cloud-based software, athenahealth works with pretty much any size of practice, small, medium, or large clinics or hospital systems. 

Athena medical records are easily manageable through this software, meaning you can carry out documentation in a way that is easier than ever, while your administrative tasks are also automated so you can continue to focus on patient care. 

How to Get the Most From Athenahealth Software

#1: Document Clinical Cases Dynamically

Documenting patient clinical information is easier than ever when you use athenahealth, and with the digitizing option, you can make sure none of your information is lost. Simply scan your old patient records and add them to your medical records database so you never lose any crucial information. 

You can also use customizable form templates by either selecting from a library with thousands of templates or by creating a form yourself using the fields you need to be answered to have an accurate picture of the patient information. 

#2: Automate and Manage Clinical Workflow

You do work at your clinic in a set and certain way, and that is your workflow model. Too often, when new software is introduced at a clinic, it demands that the clinic change and adapt to the needs of the software. When you’re using Athenahealth software, this is not a concern – the software is intuitive enough to adapt to your needs instead. 

The Athena EMR is intuitive and learns from your workflow and enhances it so it can be smoother and automated. This means you get to keep doing things the way that you like, while your productivity and efficiency see an immediate boost. 

#3: Connect to A Network of Experts

Doctors and practitioners do not operate in isolation. To be a healthy growing clinic, you need to consider yourself a part of a medical ecosystem, which shares information with its parts, sends and receives data, and has channels of communication through which learning can happen across the board. 

Athena’s interoperability tools allow you to join a network that includes repositories, health exchanges, and experts who can teach you how to provide the best in modern medicine to your patients, while also learning with you and your work. 

Once you have this information, you can provide patient care knowing you are informed and armed with the latest in medical research. You also always have access to a network of expert doctors to whom you can make referrals if needed by your patients. 

#4: Manage Claims and Reimbursements

Monitoring claims, as well as the processing and filing of claims, are tasks often associated with doctors, but ones they may not have the time or training for. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to file a claim without getting a rejection, you can instead rely on Athenahealth software. 

Athena instead will automate the process, and monitor any legal and policy changes you need to be aware of and adapt accordingly. It will check any claim filing for errors so there are fewer chances your claim is rejected, and also gives you pointers on remaining compliant to federal and state policies around reimbursements. 

#5: Remotely Monitor Patient Health

Ever had to rush back to the office on a weekend because you need important files? Or have you ever had to carry heavy paper files home so you could keep up with a patient’s progress when you’re not in the office?

The good news is, once you make the switch over to Athena electronic medical records, you get to access all of the information in those records from the convenience of your home. How? Each user can simply download the mobile app on their devices and use it on the go. 

Should I Invest in Athena Medical Software?

With all that you’ve read, you may be wondering if Athenahealth Software is right for you. To make a more informed decision, you can read through reviews, or request an athenahealth EMR demo to see the software in action. 

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