After Kybella Treatment, What should you avoid? Tips-2022

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What is Kybella Treatment? Kybella is a new product that can be injected into the chin to help remove fat. It works by breaking down the fat cells, so they are removed naturally by your body. If you’ve had this procedure done recently, there are some things you should be careful to avoid after Kybella treatment.

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Which things should you avoid after Kybella treatment


1. Sunburns

This one is pretty obvious. If you get a sunburn after using kybella near me, it could affect the way your skin and fat heal. This can cause those areas of skin to have an abnormal pigmentation or texture. So if you know you’ll be out in the sun shortly after getting a treatment done, make sure you use some SPF on your skin.

2. Cigarette Smoking

 Smoking is terrible for you, no matter what age you are. If you’ve had Kybella done and decide to light up a cigarette after treatment, it can slow down the amount of time it takes for your body to break down the fat cells. This could lead to some of the fat cells staying in your chin.

3. Infections

 If you get an infection in the area where you had Kybella near me done, it could impact how quickly that area heals. It could be devastating to see your hard work go to waste because of something you did after treatment. So if you know there’s a chance for you to get an infection after using Kybella, do everything you can to avoid it. 

4. Sun

This one is similar to the above section on sunburns. If you know that you’ll be going out in the sun within a few days of having treatment done, make sure you keep your skin covered up.  

5. Stress

If you’ve had kybella near me done but are under a great deal of stress, it can impact how your body deals with the fat cells in your chin. So if you know you’ll be going through something like this shortly after your treatment, try not to put yourself under any more stress than needed.

6. Alcohol

 It would be best to avoid alcohol after Kybella treatment, but that may not be very difficult for many people. If you do end up drinking after having the procedure done, it could cause the fat cells in your chin to stay intact longer than they would normally. So if you plan on having a drink after treatment, keep your chin away from the alcohol.

7. Pregnancy

 If you decide to have a baby after having Kybella done, it can impact how well your body breaks down the fat cells under your chin. This could lead to some of those areas not being removed by your body when they should be. It’s a pretty risky move to take, so avoid pregnancy if you can after using Kybella.  

8. Medications

 If you’ve been on any medications, make sure that you check with your doctor about when it’s safe for you to stop using them. Often, the medication can impact how well your body breaks down those fat cells after Kybella treatment. So if you have to be on a particular medication after having the procedure done, do it. But if you can stop taking it after treatment, do that instead.

9. Surgery

It’s not intelligent to have any surgery soon after having kybella near me done on your chin. If you need an emergency surgery that puts you in recovery before you’re healed from the Kybella procedure, you could end up with some of the fat cells not being removed by your body. This means that they’ll continue to sit under the skin on your chin and will never be removed.

10. Facial movements

Things like laughing, smiling, frowning, and talking all cause stress to areas of healthy skin that make their way to your chin. If you’re doing these things daily, it can have an impact on the size of the fat cells that remain in your skin after treatment. You don’t want the fat cells to be un-removed when your body should remove them, so keeping facial movements to a minimum is something you should do. 

11. Surgery

This one is similar to the above section, but it goes a step further by saying that you shouldn’t have any plastic surgery on your face for a while after treatment. If you’ve had Kybella done and then decide that you want plastic surgery to change something else about your chin or face, do it after a while. This will ensure that your body has the chance to break down the fat cells in your chin as it should. 

12. Sun

 If you know that you’ll be out getting sun exposure within a couple of days after having Kybella done, use sunscreen or stay indoors as much as possible. This will help you avoid that sunburn or tan. 

13. Medications

This is a common one, as many people who have had kybella near me do also need to continue using blood thinners or other medications that can affect the breakdown of fat cells in your chin area. If you need to be on those meds after treatment, follow your doctor’s instructions and keep those fat cells healthy. 

14. Heat

 When going about your business in a warm room, make sure that you don’t sweat or breathe heavily near your chin area. The extra stress on those fat cells could cause them to stay intact longer than they should be. So avoid going into 

15. Laughing

 We all love a good laugh, but when it comes to having had Kybella done recently, you should be careful not to do it too hard or for too long. This is because laughing could cause fat.


 If you’ve recently had Kybella treatment done, it’s essential to avoid some of the things we listed above. These are just a few examples of what can happen if you do not follow these precautions after going through with this procedure. If any of these sounds like something you want to avoid happening, let us know, and our team will be happy to help! We have years of experience in digital marketing and SEO strategies- so whatever your needs may be for an upcoming project or campaign, give us a call today!

 If you would like to learn more about Kybella treatments or how they can help your chin, fill out the form below, and we will send you a free consultation on kybella near me.

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