What is RSS Feed widget & Top 6 advantages of RSS feed-2022

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The RSS Feed Widget is a free and useful widget that allows you to input and display your preferred RSS feed. As a marketer, it is of prime importance to make sure that the content being published by you is being delivered to your target audience and other existing audiences. You may have often seen a white and orange icon on websites. This icon signifies an RSS widget that enables the users to collect content from multiple websites rather than manually looking for every website and bookmarking it to save it. 

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If we look back in time, users often used to rely on RSS Feed to get all the content delivered to them by refreshing the website multiple times a day to check out the latest news and updates but ever since the inception of social media, users have started leveraging social media platforms to get all their information from. 

Even though social media has overshadowed the importance of RSS, it is still important to get a deeper understanding and analysis of a website’s content, which increases the purpose of websites having an RSS feed widget

Keep reading as we have explained the basics of an RSS widget and its important benefits both as a user and a publisher of the content. 

What Is RSS?

The abbreviation RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, which collects data from various other websites and puts it together collectively in a computer-readable format in the dashboard of the user’s account. 

Using RSS Feed, the users can save their time and effort and read all the content of multiple websites instead of manually visiting 20 websites at a time and refreshing it time and again to make sure that any update has not been missed. 

Moreover, RSS Feed can be in any form of content. It can give an update to users regarding sports updates, news updates, latest blogs, gadgets, and technology, etc., and the best part is RSS updates automatically and leaves no scope of missing out on content. 

An RSS widget enables the users to create a widget and insert as well as display their favorite RSS feed by adding the URL on the website. 

Benefits Of Adding RSS Widget

#1 Easy To Operate

Once an RSS widget is set up and ready to operate, it does the other tasks on its own. It becomes really easy to use and operate. Moreover, you need not update the content since it does it on its own. 

Moreover, if an engine redirects visitors to your website, it will record the RSS feed updates on its own. 

#2 Generates More Traffic On The Website

If you are struggling to generate a decent amount of traffic on your website, then displaying an RSS widget can solve your problem. Since the RSS adds the latest, fresh and important information and updates, it can prove to be beneficial as it will attract more visitors to your website. 

It can be quite a challenge if you wish to showcase all relevant, updated, and useful information to your visitors at the same time. Using an RSS widget, you can seamlessly do so and additionally generate more traffic. 

Additionally, more traffic on your website may lead to an increase in the page ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages)

#3 More Engagement & Awareness Of The Brand

Since you are easing out the time and task of customers by displaying all the content on one website, it is more likely that they would look forward to the content being uploaded next, and as a result, they would speak more of the brand. All this will result in more overall engagement and brand awareness, and visibility. 

#4 Increased Content Visibility

For increasing the visibility of your content, you can embed the RSS widget on other websites also for the visitors the websites to see. 

#5 Compatible With Mobile Devices

A large number of people, in fact, a majority of your audiences, prefer using mobile phones over other means like tablets, desktops, and laptops. 

RSS widgets can be compatible with mobile devices enabling the users to keep up to date with your content too. 

#6 Add More Value By Promoting Additional Content

To add more value to your website, you can add content from other blogs and websites. You can utilize plugins to add additional content to your website and present a mix to your visitors from a variety of sources by giving them access to the RSS Feed! 

Summing It Up

While concluding, all we want to say is and hope for is that you must have understood the significance of displaying an RSS widget because it matters. 

It saves a lot of time for users and avoids the need to search the entire internet for content and the latest updates and information. On the other hand, it helps website owners, marketers, bloggers immensely to build a content marketing strategy and reap the benefits mentioned above all at the same time. 

To all those who feel RSS no longer exists, we hope this blog clears your doubt since the RSS Feed is valuable, alive, and much required.

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