6 Ways to Install Safe and Correct Window Trellis-2022

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Want a House Free from Theft? Installing window trellises is one way to prevent burglars from coming to invade your home. However, before installing make sure you listen to the safest way to install window grilles!

Well, here we have summarized how to install window trellises that are safe! Don’t forget to listen to this article until the end, OK!

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A trellis is a construction made of iron chains that can help protect your doors and windows. With a trellis, burglars will not be able to enter the house through the window opening. Today, many windows in towns and villages are equipped with trellises to ensure that residents feel safe.

However, the trellis should not be installed carelessly in its place because there are also thieves who can easily remove the trellis.

Are you interested in installing window trellises to protect your home from burglars? According to by supermarket bangunan, here’s the detail about how to install window trellises has compiled for you.

6 Ways to Install Safe and Correct Window Trellis

Determining the Purpose of Installing the Trellis

Generally, you can choose between two types of trellises, namely removable trellises and permanent trellises. Which of the two types of trellis is better? The answer depends on your needs.

You can use a trellis that has been disassembled to prevent the glass from penetrating the weight of the balls that children play around the house. However, if you need a trellis for added security, then you need a permanent trellis.

Choosing the Right Material

Trellis can be made of various materials such as wood, wire, iron and steel. However, if you need a trellis to secure the house, how to install window trellises can use materials made of iron or steel. The reason is that the steel material is very difficult to damage and destroy.

Choose a Window Trellis Model

After you have decided on the type of material you want to use, the next way to install a window trellis is to choose a safe model according to your needs. This selection is not only about choosing based on the beauty of the design, yes, but also in terms of functionality.

Here are some examples of window trellis models that you can choose from.

Rhombus Model

The series of diagonal lines that form a rhombus can prove to be difficult for burglars to reach into your home.

Horizontal Model

Window trellises with Horizontal models can make it difficult for thieves to find gaps to unlock windows.

Geometric Trellis Model

Well, this one model can also be difficult for thieves, because there is no room to reach for something in the house.

Window Trellis Size

One of the most important things in how to install a window trellis is to adjust the size of the windows in your home with a trellis. For accurate calculations, take a measuring tape, paper, pencil, or pen and make a note.

Record the measured window size on a piece of paper so you don’t forget. Also, make sure the distance between the radii of the iron rods is about 10-20 cm. The distance is close enough to prevent thieves from breaking through the windows of the house.

Install the Iron and Bolts from the Inside

As additional security, it never hurts to increase protection so as not to endanger the occupants of the house. When installing the window trellis, you can attach the additional iron attached to the trellis in one direction with screws.

Make sure the bolt is installed from inside the house so that thieves do not easily disassemble it.

Prepare the Trellis with Open Close System

Of course in an emergency like a fire or an earthquake, you might not be able to leave the house from the front door. In this situation, you can just leave the house through the window.

But of course you can’t get out if the window is closed. The solution is to install window trellises on one or two windows of the house that can be opened and closed.

Well, that’s 6 ways to install window trellises that are correct and safe for your home. Hopefully this article is useful for Friends of the Roman Building. Don’t miss other interesting information here!

Those are some recommendations on how to install window trellises that you can use as a reference. Hopefully by understanding this way your home will look more attractive and luxurious.

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