4 Major Osteoporosis Myths Busted -2022

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A huge number of people to date do not have the needed and basic knowledge about the condition of osteoporosis. Those who know are always confused as to what’s right and what’s wrong. It is because the diagnosis of this condition is not easy. Osteoporosis basically causes weakness in your bones and they are very likely to get broken, little holes are formed which causes further weakness.

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According to the best endocrinologist in Multan, the hormonal changes in women after menopause are the main reason women are affected by the condition more than men.  This is called a ‘silent disease’. The reason is, its diagnosis often happens when there is a fracture in the body or a bone crack.

The fractures can happen from a minor to little injury and in serious cases, a sneeze or normal coughing can cause the bones to break. It is not a disease that can be avoided or ignored. Everyone ages and every person’s bones get weak. But it is still unclear to people what this disease is and who gets affected by it. A number of misconceptions have been spread and that leads to wrong information being spread furthermore.

So, let’s have a look at all the myths and misconceptions and keep reading to know what is right and what isn’t.

Myth 1: Osteoporosis never affects men or women of young age

This disease occurs really early before its diagnosis. This occurs as a result of progressive bone loss with time. Although it is true that osteoporosis does affect women of older age more than men. However, this is completely wrong to say that men don’t get osteoporosis.

The percentage of men is low, but the number of hip fractures all over the world is seen happening more in men than women. However, women younger in age are likely to get affected by osteopenia and osteoporosis more than men.

Myth 2: Milk consumption prevents osteoporosis

In order to take your daily calcium intake, one can consume calcium through milk. Other food items include cheese and yogurt. If you want to add some non-dairy options to get the calcium intake you can go for broccoli and kale. For bone mass, the consumption of calcium is very essential. A total of 1000mg/d of calcium should be taken by women who are 50 years of age or less. Those who are above 50 should consume a total of 1200mg/d.

However, it should be kept in mind that consuming calcium is just one of the basic factors or ingredients to maintain a healthy bone mass.  Everyone, either men or women should add calcium to their daily diets in order to maintain healthy bones to stay from all the bone diseases including osteoarthritis.

Myth 3: The effects of osteoporosis can never be slowed down

It is true that osteoporosis can never be fully treated but yes its symptoms can be managed with time. People can still live healthy and active lives with this disease. You can always avoid the stuff that is damaging to the bone like smoking and the usage of alcohol.

By consuming the prescribed vitamins and taking medication of calcium and with that maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising and other physical activities. In order to protect yourself in the house use a railing on both sides of the stairs, make use of a switchboard on the end and start of a  long hallway or a staircase if you have any.

Myth 4: A fracture is not something very serious

Fractures that occur due to injury can be treated easily. However, those which occur due to osteoporosis can be very dangerous for you. It can affect your daily life activities and make your life stressful emotionally as well as physically.

Fractures need to be avoided. Especially the ones that occur on the hip. Because there is a huge percentage of people that die because of fractures that occur on their hip. Mostly it happens within a year of getting a fracture.

Final Thoughts

Nobody is ever too old or young when it comes to taking care of your bones. However, it’s very important to take fractures or any cracks in the bones seriously and to visit your doctor as soon as you can.

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